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How the West got it wrong about Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda's hands-on CEO

British played central role in foiled bomb operation: sources

US Lawmakers to Probe Underwear Bomb Leaks

Suicide bomb plot leak worries security experts

Saudi agent in bomb plot held UK passport, source says

Spying on al Qaeda

Suicide bombers kill 55 in Syrian capital

The coordinated suicide attack targeted a military intelligence center in Damascus; nearly 400 people were wounded in the complex assault.

US drone strike kills 8 AQAP fighters

predator-uav.jpgThe strike targeted a convoy of Ansar al Sharia leaders in Jaar in Abyan province.

P.O.W. Is Focus of Talks on Taliban Prisoner Swap

Terror's Technician: al Qaeda bomb-maker is US' worst nightmare

Sources: Saudi counterterrorism work broke up new AQAP plane plot

Bomb plot reveals Saudi intelligence network, inroads

US drone attacks in Yemen cause political strain

Kidnappings threaten Pakistan aid work

Bin Laden docs hint at large al Qaeda presence in Pakistan

Badr Mansoor led just one Pakistani "company," and has been reported to have more than 2,000 fighters under his command. For the last three years, the US government has maintained that al Qaeda has only 300 to 400 operatives in Pakistan and that the network is on the verge of defeat.

Pakistani Taliban proclaim 'jihad' for bin Laden

Suicide Mission Volunteer Was Double Agent, Officials Say

CIA unraveled bomb plot from within

'Holy wars': Pakistan militants vow to avenge Bin Laden death

Al Qaeda's bomb-makers evolve, adapt and continue to plot