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Revealed: Dr Afridi sought asylum in US, says investigators

Pakistan - Non-starter: Panel to oversee peace talks with Taliban dismantled

Malian refugee: They slit open a man's stomach

Pakistan: Let us hit drone targets

Al Qaeda Insinuating Its Way Into Syria's Conflict

Drone operations over Somalia pose danger to air traffic, UN report says

Special operations forces target al Qaeda-linked leader in Nuristan

Kanjar, an insurgent leader affiliated with both the Taliban and al Qaeda, was killed during a raid in the Waygal district.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims nationwide attacks that killed more than 100 Iraqis

The Islamic State of Iraq said the offensive was launched "in application of the directives of Sheikh Mujahid Abu Bakr al Baghdadi," the terror group's emir.

ISAF kills IMU leader in Afghan north

Special operations forces killed Khadim, an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader and explosives expert who recruited and trained fighters for suicide attacks, during yesterday's raid in Kunduz.

In Syria conflict, US struggles to fill intelligence gaps

Tony Blair: 'The West is asleep on the issue of Islamist extremism'

Collateral damage from drones strikes has lessened: US Senator Feinstein

Al Qaeda launches coordinated attacks across Iraq

Shabaab executes 3 alleged spies

Taliban release video of Haqqani Network suicide assault on FOB Salerno

Haqqani-suicide-bomber-Salerno-06012012.jpgThe video, released on Voice of Jihad, shows the suicide bombing at the outer wall, and Haqqani Network fighters entering the base.

Rockets Fired From Pakistan Pound Afghan Villages

ISAF targets another senior IMU leader in Afghan north

Key Afghans Tied to Mass Killings in '90s Civil War

Al-Qaida: We're returning to old Iraq strongholds

Yemenis left with mixed feelings after government troops oust Islamists