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Analysis: Kenya Muslim riots expose political, economic rifts

Taliban release video of beheaded Pakistani soldiers

TTP-beheading-video-Bajaur-082012.jpg"Mujahideen slit the throats of 11 army-men in light of Shariah Law," the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan's spokesman said.

Islamists Struggle to Run North Mali

Shabaab displays bodies of Kenyan soldiers near Kismayo

Taliban suicide bombers strike in Wardak

Senior al Qaeda leader, facilitator killed in airstrike in Kunar

Abu Walid, also known as Amru Mastur al Ghamrawi, was one of two al Qaeda leaders who were killed in an airstrike in the Watahpur district in Kunar on Aug 3. ISAF launched two airstrikes in Watahpur on Aug. 3.

6 killed in US drone strike in North Waziristan

The strike took place in an area under the control of Taliban leader Hafiz Gul Bahadar, and is the first in a week.

Tunisia democratic activists fear a tilt toward militant Islam

ISI chief rules out handing over Dr Shakeel Afridi to US

Obama administration divided over designating Haqqani network as terrorist group

US drones strike again in Yemen, kill 8 AQAP fighters

Four of the last five drone strikes have taken place in the eastern province of Hadramout.

The Chemical Threat to America

Hunting for Islamist insurgents with the Mali Army

Pakistani Taliban 'chopped off the heads' of 7 Pakistani soldiers in South Waziristan

Taliban spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan said the Pakistani soldiers were beheaded "as Shariah directs them to do with enemies of Islam."

US drone strike kills Saudi 'militant' in Yemen

A Saudi known as Salim Mubarak al Saiary was one of two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters reported killed in a strike in an area between Marib and Hadramout provinces.

SEAL book raises questions about bin Laden's death

'Black Widow' assassinates moderate Muslim cleric in Russia's Caucasus

The attack is the third in six weeks against prominent Muslim clerics who were working to promote moderate versions of Islam in Russia. Two others were targeted in Tatarstan in July; one was killed.

Egypt Leader Said to Reach out to Sinai Radicals

Indonesian security forces turn to Islamic clerics to uproot terrorism

Badruddin Haqqani 'is alive and healthy,' Taliban spokesman says

Badruddin-Haqqani.jpgZabihullah Mujahid denied reports that claimed Badruddin was killed in a drone strike, and said he "is in the country and he is occupied with his operational responsibilities." Afghan intelligence claims he is dead.