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Al-Qaeda-affiliated cell dismantled in Tunisia

Racism spurs Mali terrorist defections

Mali intervention by ECOWAS: Refugee fears

Kidnappings Fuel Extremists in Western Africa

Can France and Algeria find common ground on Mali?

In northern Mali, Islamists' attacks against civilians grow more brutal

Plan for military intervention in Mali stalls

Terror Fight Shifts to Africa

Mali: Report on Situation in Areas Close to Frontline

US adds West African group, 2 leaders, to terrorism list

MUJAO-French-Hostage-SITE-Video.jpgThe US government has added the al Qaeda-linked Movement for Tawhid [Unity] and Jihad in West Africa and two of its leaders to the list of global terrorists and entities. The group has named one of its units fighting in Mali after Osama bin Laden.

Mali peace talks: Tuareg and Islamist leaders 'chatted, cracked jokes'

US-Approved Weapons Transfer Ended Up With Libyan Jihadis

Gen. Carter F. Ham Details Al Qaeda Influence in Mali

The top US military commander in Africa said AQIM is operating terrorist training camps in Mali and providing training, weapons, and financing to the al Qaeda-linked Boko Haram in Nigeria. "Al Qaeda and other organizations are strengthening their hold in northern Mali" with each passing day, he said.

German Weapons Exports on the Rise as Merkel Doctrine Takes Hold

AQIM's Sahara emirate created a sixth brigade, a Tuareg-led unit called "Youssef ben Tachfine." The new brigade is made up largely of Tuaregs and led by El Kairouani Abu Abdelhamid al-Kidali, who is a member of AQIM's Ansar brigade under command of Abdelkrim Tarki. The Tuareg brigade will control a large area of northeastern Mali extending to the Algerian border.

Mali Islamists whip unmarried couples in public

Military action against al Qaida-linked extremists in Mali unlikely for months

Boko Haram emir praises al Qaeda

Abubakar-Shekau.jpgAbubakar Shekau said he and his fighters support jihad in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia, Algeria, Libya, and Mali.

AQIM has appointed a Mauritanian, Mohamed Lemine Ould Hacen, to head its Al Vourghan brigade; Yahya Abou El Hammam, an Algerian, has been promoted to Sahara emir. The Timbuktu-based brigade often clashes with the Mauritanian Army near the Malian border. Ould Hacen will also serve as AQIM spokesman for its southern region, which includes northern Mali and the desert areas bordering Mali, Mauritania, and Algeria.