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Senior al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb leader reportedly killed in Libya

Serge Lazarevic: Mali confirms militants freed for French hostage

Finances of jihad: How extremist groups raise money

French troops kill MUJAO founder during raid in Mali

In a midnight raid in the Gao region of Mali, the French military killed Ahmed el Tilemsi. He had a long history of al Qaeda ties, and was wanted by the United States.

UN: Islamic State group got up to $45M in ransoms

In Mali's desert French troops hunt al Qaeda well by well

French troops edge closer to Libya border to cut off Islamists

US, France propose UN sanctions on 15 foreign Islamist fighters

AQIM defectors pledge loyalty to ISIS

Terrorists, traffickers forge unholy alliance

Ansar Dine leader resurfaces, urges expulsion of France from Mali

Ansar Dine leader Iyad Ag Ghaly has appeared in a video calling on Muslims to fight back against France and its allies.

Fighters abandoning al Qaeda affiliates to join Islamic State, US officials say

France renews Sahel commitment

Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror

Moroccan jihadists turn to crime

Crime, terror converge at Tunisia frontier

Think Again - Did France's Intervention Work in Mali?

Al Qaeda ally calls for statement on Islamic State's caliphate

Hani Sibai, a longtime ally of Ayman al Zawahiri, has called on al Qaeda to issue a statement regarding the Islamic State's announced caliphate.

Belmokhtar plots new attacks from Libya base

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb calls for reconciliation between jihadist groups

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has issued a statement praising the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham's (ISIS) gains in Iraq and calling for reconciliation between jihadist groups in Syria. The statement was authored prior to the ISIS declaring that it ruled over a caliphate and rebranding itself the "Islamic State."