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Suspected AQAP militants kill deputy governor in Baydha

Al Qaeda weapons ship docks in Aden

Attack in Hadramout kills 4 Yemeni soldiers

Yemen identifies 4 slain AQAP militants

Saudi Arabia convicts 18 of involvement in al Qaeda

4 AQAP members arrested in Hodeidah province

AQAP suicide assault team hits Army headquarters in Aden

AQAP announces formation of new armed group

Rubaish responds to Saudi Arabia's terrorism designations

Yemeni military kills 2 AQAP members in the south

AQAP guns down 20 Yemeni soldiers in the east

New AQAP video documents riots at Sana'a Political Security Prison

Suicide attack at Yemeni military intelligence HQ

3 al Qaeda militants killed while assembling car bomb

AQAP leader on trial in Yemen

AQAP executes "American Spy"

Female AQAP fundraiser reportedly transferred to Saudi Arabia

AQAP praises Hakeemullah Mehsud and Pakistani Taliban

AQAP launches suicide assault on Yemeni military training base

AQAP video details suicide assaults against Yemeni bases in Shabwa