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The Islamic State's global reach

'Iran owes al Qaeda invaluably,' ISIS spokesman says

Alleged message from Zawahiri's Syrian representative posted online

ISIS launches 3 more suicide attacks against Iraqi security forces

ISIS launches another suicide assault in Anbar

Assad lashes out at Turkey for sheltering terrorists

Al Qaeda ramps up attacks in Iraq

Report: Al Qaeda conference call led to US diplomatic closures

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claims credit for prison break

Pakistani Taliban 'has a global agenda,' commander says

Free Syrian Army arming al Qaeda, ISIL commander claims

Free Syrian Army commander says al Qaeda is 'welcome'

Free Syrian Army issues ultimatum to al Qaeda over murder of commander

Suicide bomber detonates inside Iraqi Shia mosque

Suicide bombers kill 14 in Damascus

Inspire Magazine excerpts LWJ on AQAP links to al Qaeda 'core'

Social Media Jihad: Cheerleading al Qaeda's new 'Islamic State'

Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber kills 24 at election rally

Al Nusrah Front, allies impose sharia in Aleppo

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims attacks in Baghdad