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Pakistani Taliban 'has a global agenda,' commander says

Free Syrian Army arming al Qaeda, ISIL commander claims

Free Syrian Army commander says al Qaeda is 'welcome'

Free Syrian Army issues ultimatum to al Qaeda over murder of commander

Suicide bomber detonates inside Iraqi Shia mosque

Online jihadists discuss fate of al Qaeda operative held by Saudi Arabia

Online jihadists have once again taken up the cause of Saleh al Qarawi, who is detained inside Saudi Arabia. Al Qarawi previously headed the Abdullah Azzam Brigades and reportedly operated from inside Iran. Earlier this month, the Brigades threatened Iran over its role in the Syrian conflict.

Islamic State of Iraq leader defies Zawahiri in alleged audio message

An audio message attributed to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the emir of al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq, was released online on June 14. In the message, al Baghdadi openly disobeys al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri.

Al Nusrah Front releases first official messages in 2 months

Al Qaeda's Al Nusrah Front has released four new messages, the first such productions in two months. The Al Nusrah Front and Islamic State of Iraq suspended their propaganda operations after a dispute erupted in early April. Ayman al Zawahiri ruled on the dispute in a letter and their propaganda operations have now been restarted.

Suicide bombers kill 14 in Damascus

Analysis: Hezbollah's Syria victory risks wider Sunni-Shi'ite conflict

Over 7,000 Syrian refugees return from Iraq as security improves

Inspire Magazine excerpts LWJ on AQAP links to al Qaeda 'core'

Iraqi Volunteers Join Both Sides Of War In Syria

Al-Qaeda's Syrian wing takes over the oilfields once belonging to Assad

Insight: Rebel gains in southern Syria sharpen Jordan's dilemma

Iraq Failing Security Test Ahead Of Vote

Syrian Rebels Break With Group Over Qaeda Wing Alliance

Social Media Jihad: Cheerleading al Qaeda's new 'Islamic State'

Al Qaeda in Iraq, Al Nusrah Front emerge as rebranded single entity

Islamic-State-of-Iraq-and-the-Levant-Banner.jpgAl Qaeda in Iraq's emir announced a new brand for his organization's efforts in Iraq and Syria: the "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant." The name replaces all previous names used by the group, including the Al Nusrah Front in Syria, which was a creation of AQI.

Al Qaeda in Iraq suicide bomber kills 24 at election rally