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Lebanon says it needs French helicopters quickly to fight militants

Arsal deputy mayor appointed hostage mediator, meets ISIS

Report: Apprehension of Terrorists to Impact Case of Captive Lebanese Servicemen

Al Nusrah Front deals Syrian regime major blow in Idlib

Remembering 2014's captives still held by extremists

Al Nusrah Front and rivals clash in Deraa and Qalamoun

ISIS to launch battle for Lebanese town of Ersal

Al Nusrah Front shoots two men for blasphemy

Syrian army recaptures territory north of Aleppo in fierce fighting

Al Nusrah Front, ISIS appoint new Lebanon hostage mediator: report

Rebels advance on 2 bases in northwestern Syria

Finances of jihad: How extremist groups raise money

Is the Islamic State's next target Daraa or Ghouta?

Lebanon formally arrests ISIS chief's ex-wife Dulaimi

Israel accused of carrying out airstrikes near Syrian capital

Al Nusrah Front kills captive Lebanese soldier

ISIS commander threatens Lebanon over arrest of wife

Lebanese army ready to confront militants

IS leader's 'captured wife' may not be who she says she is

British watchtowers dot a Mideast border again - this time with Islamic State