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Syria becoming home to two competing Islamic states

Al Nusrah Front seizes Syrian town on Turkish border

Al Qaeda group seizes Syrian town on Turkish border

Gloves come off between Syrian regime, Islamic State

More Western fighters joining militants in Iraq and Syria

Al Nusrah Front, Islamic State compete for foreign fighters

Security situation may spark spy wars in Lebanon

Underage fighters sacrificing childhoods to wage war in Iraq and Syria

From Twitter to Terrorist

Lebanese jihadis pledging allegiance to the Islamic State

Fears of ISIS grow in Lebanon

NGO: ISIS expels thousands in east Syria

Who controls Syria's oil?

Al Nusrah Front weakened in Syria by ISIS Islamic State: Analysts

Jordan Salafi leader warns of chaos

Islamic State Militants Seize Oil Field, Expand Syrian Domain

Obama's Blueprint for Fighting Terrorism Collides With Reality in Iraq

Caliphate declaration 'heresy,' Islamists say

US seeks more security at some foreign airports

Airport security may be tightened permanently after US warning - UK deputy prime minister