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Islamist gains in Syria alarm some Assad allies

Al Nusrah Front advances on Quneitra, gains border crossing

Fear grips towns bordering Arsal

Raid on ISIS suspect in the French Riviera

Dragged into Syrian conflict, Druze seek unity

After Tabaqa airport, what is IS' next target?

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Islamic State turns radical Islam on Syria Muslims

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US Says It Told Qatar Not to Pay a Ransom for Kidnapped Journalist

Al Nusrah may resort to force to free Roumieh inmates

Peter Theo Curtis, Abducted in 2012, Is Released by Nusra Front

Idlib prepares for war between factions and Al Nusrah Front

Hostage-Taking Central to Islamic State Strategy in Syria

Saudi Arabia toughens stance on jihadist groups

Mother Agnes: The efficient mediator who draws controversy

UN Approves Measure to Combat al Qaeda Fighters

Islamic State takes Akhtarin

Terror finance worries may curb Doha kidnap mediation

Lebanon - Arsali and refugee relations tense