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Syria's moderate rebels still losing ground to extremists

Zawahiri eulogizes al Qaeda's slain Syrian representative

Ayman al Zawahiri has released an audio message eulogizing Abu Khalid al Suri, who was killed on Feb. 23. Zawahiri confirms that he knew al Suri since before the 9/11 attacks and that they had been in direct communication after the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Al Qaeda's American propagandist notes death of terror group's representative in Syria

Adam Gadahn, al Qaeda's American propagandist, lamented the death of Abu Khalid al Suri, Zawahiri's personal representative in Syria, and called for an investigation into the suicide attack that killed him.

Chechen al Qaeda commander, popular Saudi cleric, and an Ahrar al Sham leader spotted on front lines in Latakia

Muslim al Shishani, a Chechen jihadist and military commander in the Al Nusrah Front, and Dr. Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini, an al Qaeda-linked Saudi cleric, celebrate after defeating Syrian government forces during fighting in the mountains of Latakia. A "leader of Ahrar al Sham: Abu al Hassan," is also on scene.

ISIS enforces strict religious law in Raqqa

Another al Qaeda bigwig killed in Syria?

Defying allies, Qatar unlikely to abandon Syria rebels

Al Qaeda veteran appears in Al Nusrah Front video, criticizes rival

In a video released on March 18, the Al Nusrah Front identifies Abu Firas al Suri as a leader within the group. Al Suri, who has a long al Qaeda pedigree, was dispatched to Syria from Yemen to try to mediate the dispute between Al Nusrah and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham.

LWJ's prior warnings about 9/11 recruiter's release

9/11 recruiter reportedly freed in Syria

Mohammed Zammar, who recruited al Qaeda's Hamburg cell, has reportedly been freed inside Syria. His freedom was negotiated by Ahrar al Sham, an al Qaeda-linked group.

Siege of Syrian arms depot in Tal Al Jabiyeh exposes chemical weapons fears

Head of al Qaeda 'Victory Committee' in Syria

Sanafi al Nasr heads al Qaeda's "Victory Committee" and has relocated to Syria. He has become a vocal critic of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) and has been allied with ISIS' main jihadist rivals, including the Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's official branch in Syria.

Social Media Jihad: Honoring al Qaeda's chief representative in Syria

Al Nusrah Front emir issues ultimatum to ISIS

Muhammad al Julani gave the ISIS five days to come to an agreement or face a concerted effort to "banish it" from both Syria and Iraq.

Top Military Body Against Syria's Assad Is in Chaos, Undermining Fight

Al Qaeda's chief representative in Syria killed in suicide attack

Ayman al Zawahiri's chief representative in Syria, a longtime al Qaeda operative known as Abu Khalid al Suri, has been reportedly killed in a suicide attack in Aleppo.

Military escalation will add to Syrian catastrophe

What's wrong with this conflict map of Syria?

Al Nusrah Front praises Chechen commander killed in Aleppo

The emir of al Qaeda's Al Nusrah Front and a sharia official from the Muhajireen Army confirmed Saifullah al Shishani's death and noted that he had sworn allegiance to Al Nusrah.

Chechen commander for Al Nusrah Front reported killed in Aleppo