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Four Taliban fighters were killed by Afghan forces in a failed suicide assault in Kabul. Yesterday, three suicide bombers killed two security guards in an attack in the capital. The National Directorate of Security claims that Taliban emir Mullah Omar has died and has split into three groups.

The Taliban killed four soldiers and seven policemen in a suicide attack in Logar province. A Taliban suicide bomber killed only himself in a premature detonation in Kandahar. Most of the district of Gizab in Uruzgan is now under Taliban control.

The Interior Ministry claimed it killed 37 Taliban fighters during operations throughout the country. Six security personnel and six Taliban fighters were killed during clashes in Kunduz. The Taliban killed five civilians in Nangarhar. The Taliban claimed that 65 security personnel joined their ranks in Nuristan and Sar-i-Pul.

The Taliban killed four soldiers in an IED attack in Kabul. The Ministry of Defense said that 950 soldiers were killed while fighting the Taliban in the past six months. The military claimed it killed 38 Taliban fighters during operations in Kandahar. Last year, poppy cultivation in Afghanistan reached an all-time high.

The US reportedly killed Abu Bara al Kuwaiti, a leader in al Qaeda's General Command, in an airstrike in Nangarhar province. Abu Bara was at the home of Abdul Samad Khanjari, al Qaeda's military commander in the province. The Taliban denied that Anas Haqqani and Anas Haqqani and Qari Abdul Rasheed Omari were members of the group, and claimed they were visiting a freed Guantanamo detainee in Qatar before they were captured in Bahrain.

Afghanistan's intelligence service captured Haqqani Network leaders Anis Haqqani and Hafiz Rashid during a raid on Oct. 14. Anis is the son of the group's emir, and Rashid is a senior military commander. Security forces killed an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander in Takhar. The military claimed it killed 39 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar and Herat.

The Taliban killed 22 Afghan soldiers and policemen in an ambush on a convoy in Sar-i-Pul. The Taliban killed one person in suicide attacks in Nangarhar and Kabul. The Taliban executed a woman in Kunar for spying. Afghan officials claimed that ISAF accidentally killed seven civilians in an airstrike in Paktia.

A suicide bomber killed three soldiers and three civilians in Wardak. The Taliban killed a pro-government militia leader in Ghazni and two policemen in Kunar. The Afghan military claimed it retook control of Sangin district in Helmand.

A suicide bomber killed two policemen and wounded five more in an attack outside of a police headquarters in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand. The US killed a Taliban district commander in an airstrike in Herat. Afghan intelligence disrupted a Taliban plot to carry out a complex suicide attack in Baghlan.

A suicide bomber killed seven people in an attack in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province. The Taliban claimed the attack on Voice of Jihad and claimed it killed the former chief of police of Nawzad district. Police prevented a suicide attack in Kabul.

ISAF commander General Campbell described the Taliban's recent gains in Afghanistan as "fleeting." The Taliban killed four Afghan soldiers in a suicide attack that targeted a military bus in Kabul. In his Eid address, Taliban emir Mullah Omar claimed victory and urged Afghan security personnel to attack Coalition soldiers.

The US and Afghanistan signed the Bilateral Security Agreement, which allows the US to base troops in the country after the end of this year. The Taliban denied claims by the Afghan military that 45 jihadists were killed during recent fighting in Sangin in Helmand province. Security forces captured a Taliban shadow district governor in Baghlan. The US killed four Taliban fighters in airstrikes in Khost.

Eight members of a Taliban suicide assault team and eight Afghans were killed during an attack on a district center in Paktia. A suicide bomber killed four policemen and three civilians in Kabul. The Taliban killed five policemen during fighting in Jawzjan province. President Ashraf Ghani will sign a security pact with the US that will allow 10,000 troops to stay in country up until the end of 2016.

A suicide bomber detonated his car bomb at a police station in Paktia; casualties were not disclosed. The Taliban killed a civilian in a bombing in Takhar. The military claimed it killed 12 Taliban fighters during an operation in Faryab. At least six Taliban fighters escaped from a prison in Herat.

The Taliban beheaded 15 people, including family members of local police, in Ghazni. The Taliban are in control of much of Sangin district in Helmand. ISAF killed several Taliban commanders in an airstrike in Laghman. The military claimed it killed 55 Taliban fighters in Laghman.

The military claimed it killed 130 Taliban fighters during a month-long offensive in Kunduz; the Taliban are still said to control the district that was the target of the operation. The Taliban created the "Department of Prevention of Civilian Casualties." The Taliban kidnapped a district governor in Paktia.

The Afghan government claimed the US killed 11 civilians in an airstrike in Kunar. Security forces claimed to have killed 10 Taliban fighters in Kunduz; one security official was also killed. The Taliban killed five policemen in Laghman and another policeman in Kunar.

The Taliban killed a district police chief and two police officers in a suicide attack in Kandahar and six soldiers in an IED attack in Badakhshan. The Interior Ministry claimed 35 Taliban fighters were killed during operations throughout the country.

The military claimed it killed 48 Taliban fighters in Balkh and 15 more in Zabul. Two border policemen and three Taliban fighters were killed in Faryab. The Taliban killed a policeman in a suicide attack in Kandahar.

Fourteen security personnel and 19 heavily armed Taliban fighters were killed and another 154 people were wounded during a coordinated suicide assault on the NDS headquarters in Ghazni. The military claimed 81 Taliban fighters and seven security personnel were killed in a clearing operation in Helmand. The Taliban killed five soldiers in a suicide attack in Kunar.