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Latest US Predator strike kills 3 in North Waziristan

Three "rebels" were reported killed in the latest strike in the al Qaeda haven of Datta Khel. The strike is the fourth in two days and the 13th this month.

Iran-backed senior IMU commander captured in Afghan north

An Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan foreign fighter facilitator who worked with Iran's Qods Force was captured during a raid in Kunduz.

Coalition, Afghan forces kill 14 Taliban in Uruzgan

Afghan and Coalition forces called in airstrikes after a patrol was ambushed in Uruzgan. Pakistani and al Qaeda terror groups are known to operate in the southern province.

Kabul Attack Network commander killed in Coalition airstrike

Nur Mohammed was plotting to carry out attacks during parliamentary elections. He was "involved in improvised explosive device and suicide attacks in Kabul city."

HIG facilitator properly detained at Gitmo, judge finds

Earlier this month, a DC district judge ruled that a facilitator for the HIG is properly detained at Guantanamo. The detainee, Shawali Khan, allegedly plotted attacks against American forces on behalf of his uncle, a HIG commander based in Quetta, Pakistan.

IMU-linked Taliban district commander killed in Takhar raid

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan-linked commander was killed during a raid that resulted in the capture of a senior military commissioner and newly minted deputy shadow governor.

'Taliban military commissioner' captured in Afghan north

Six Taliban fighters were killed during a raid in Takhar that targeted the newly minted deputy shadow governor. The Taliban leader held the job for one day.

Suicide bomber strikes police station in Tajikistan

One policeman was killed, 30 were wounded, and one is missing after a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a police headquarters in Khujand.

20 Haqqani Network fighters killed in failed assault on US base in Paktika

The attack is the third on a US outpost in eastern Afghanistan in four days.

Uzbek terror commander serving as Taliban shadow governor killed by US special forces

Mohammed Amin , a senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander, served as the Taliban's deputy shadow governor for Takhar province. ISAF and Afghan forces have pursued the IMU in the north over the past month.

US Treasury sanctions Pakistani Taliban, top two leaders

Hakeemullah Mehsud and Waliur Rehman Mehsud have been designated as specially designated global terrorists for their sponsorship of terrorist acts in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the US.

19 Taliban fighters killed in raid in Kunar

A combined US and Afghan force air assaulted into a Taliban stronghold in the Pech district, a known haven for al Qaeda.

Haqqani Network took heavy casualties in recent assault on US bases

Last weekend's attack by the Haqqani Network on Forward Operating Bases Salerno and Chapman has been costly for the terror group; 35 fighters and a commander were killed, and more are being rounded up.

Senior Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander targeted in northern Afghanistan

One Taliban fighter was killed as an IMU commander who facilitates the entry of al Qaeda operatives into Afghanistan was targeted in an airstrike in Kunduz province.

Top Taliban leader captured in Logar province

Zia Ul Haq was the Taliban's military commander for Logar province. He was "responsible for the facilitation of foreign fighters and suicide bombers into Kabul City" and was closely linked to the Kabul Attack Network.

US, Afghan troops beat back Haqqani Network assault on two bases in Khost

The Haqqani Network fighters were wearing US military uniforms. A senior Haqqani Network facilitator who aids in suicide attacks was killed during the fighting.

Coalition, Afghan forces strike at al Qaeda-linked cells in north and east

Al Qaeda-linked cells are targeted in in Kunduz, Badakhshan, and Paktika, while more than 90 Taliban fighters were killed in Kabul and Laghman.

US, UN sanction top al Qaeda financial official

Muhammad Abdallah Hasan Abu al Khayr is Osama bin Laden's son-in-law and a senior aide to Ayman al Zawahiri. He is a top contender to take over al Qaeda's financial operations.

'Foreign fighter' networks targeted in Nangarhar, Paktia

An airstrike in Nangarhar killed an estimated 12 Taliban fighters, including Pakistani fighters from Waziristan. Two Haqqani Network fighters were killed in Paktia during a raid targeting a commander who runs camps in Khost.

Taliban commander linked to Iran, al Qaeda targeted in western Afghanistan

Six Taliban fighters and three civilians were killed during the raid in Farah. The Taliban commander targeted is linked to senior al Qaeda and Taliban leaders, and moves foreign fighters from Iran into Afghanistan.