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Two Taliban insurgent leaders killed during combined operation in Faryab

Nangarhar: Khogyani Militants Force Closure of Schools Over Insurgent's Arrest

Pakistan to attend Afghan summit in US amid tensions

Reports Say Taliban Attacks Paktika Province

Afghanistan - New Commission to Protect Taliban Who Wish to Negotiate

Citing security, US abandons consulate site in Afghanistan

Taliban stronger than before US troop surge: lawmakers

Al Qaeda's revenge in Bajaur

US intelligence, military at odds on Afghanistan: congressman

Despite Pakistani condemnation, US to continue drone strikes: Panetta

Karzai blames rebels for closing Ghazni schools

Afghanistan to Receive 20 Warplanes When US Troops Leave

Rogers: Taliban 'stronger' than it was two years ago

CERN Scientist Sentenced to 5 Years in Terrorism Case

Panetta warns US troops to avoid scandals

US doesn't expect Pakistan to reopen Afghan war supply routes soon

Afghanistan - NATO Troop Withdrawal Impacting Foreign Direct Investment: AISA

The US Army in a Time of Transition

Odierno Reshaping Training and Deployment

Army procurement switch puts boot into Afghan dream