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Book review: Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan by Ahmed Rashid

Afghan peace process: 'Safe passage' for Taliban agreed

Taliban closes dozens of Afghan schools

Taliban website under repeat attack by hackers

Safe passage for Afghan Taliban considered

We Should Defend Afghanistan at Any Price: Karimi

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Aid to Pakistan: $2.6 billion spent, little ability to show it

Pakistan - The kidnapping of a comedian

Ahmadinejad Endorses Afghanistan-Iran Prisoner Transfer Deal

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In Afghanistan, underground girls school defies Taliban after earlier efforts failed

Exclusive: US eyes options to restart Afghan peace talks

Pakistan - Saeed asked to keep low profile, says aide

Afghanistan - Labour Ministry Identifies 130 Illegal Foreign Workers

Afghanistan - Governors Divided on Possibility of US Permanent Bases

Military reworking spy operations

Islamists in Enemy Territory: The Missionary Zeal of Germany's Salafists

Dealing with Tyrants: German Military Rethinks Exporting Democracy