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NATO coalition in Afghanistan shrinking

Afghan militants Hezb-e-Islami 'may join Islamic State'

Afghans Laud, Rights Groups Concerned By 'Take No Prisoners' Orders

Report: Gunman in 2011 'green-on-blue' attack did not commit suicide

As Coalition troops disappear, Afghan educations could too

US strikes in Syria against Islamic State would be hindered by intelligence gaps

US Denounces Afghan Expulsion of New York Times Reporter

Obama Holds to Afghanistan Withdrawal Deadline

Pakistan fires 5,000 missiles on Afghan borders over past year

Kandahar police chief resigns after ordering Taliban detainees execution

Negotiations continue with Taliban to end violence in Helmand

New details on Afghan insider attack that killed Maj. Gen. Harold Greene

Afghans sign unity government deal with US backing

Afghan Officers, Said to Be Working for Taliban, Kill 11 of Their Police Colleagues

Sgt Bowe Bergdahl questioned over capture

Reports of Taliban surge are exaggerated, says incoming ISAF commander

Afghanistan: Taliban income grows in Helmand

Afghanistan bomber kills president's cousin Hashmat Karzai

US Weapons for Afghans May End Up with Taliban

After Losing Province in 2010, Afghan Taliban Strike Back