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Afghanistan to Allow US Troops Conditional Immunity

Rural Afghan town feels caught between U.S. and Taliban

Terror Fight Shifts to Africa

Afghan spy chief 'wounded by underpants bomber'

Taliban Group attends Paris Conference on Afghanistan

Afghan Spy Chief critically injured by underpants bomber

Afghan-Tajik Counter Narcotics Op Detain 13 Smugglers

Arms depot robbed in Ghazni province of Afghanistan

ANSF Responsible for 70% of Security: Afghan Ministry of Defense

Afghan Leader Sharply Criticizes US, NATO For Insecurity

Tehran visit: Zardari likely to take up unmet $330m Iranian pledge

Afghanistan: a graveyard of commitments

Corruption in Police causing insecurity: Afghan MOI

Afghanistan Plans to Create Stock Market: AISA

Afghanistan - Women Activists Slam Govt Silence Over Schoolgirl Murder

ANSF Takes Over 7 Eastern Provinces

Afghanistan Tops Most Corrupt Countries Index

Clinton says crucial countries meet Afghan funding pledges

US Senate Approves Dunford as Commander for Afghanistan

Afghan Interior Minister Pledges Reforms to Security