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NATO endorses concept of operation for new mission in Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Poppy Cultivation To Increase If Farmers' Issues Not Dealt With: AREU

US forces to stay in Afghanistan after 2014

UNAMA Condemns Attacks in Eastern Afghan Provinces

Afghanistan - MoI Seeks UN's Help to Handle Pakistan

Engineer-turned-militia leader takes on Taliban

Afghan Forces to Lead All Military Operations in Few Weeks: Govt

Denied visas, Afghans who translated for French army fear for their lives

Taliban delegation visits Tehran to meet Iranian officials

NATO summit on Afghan pullout in 2014

Corrupt Judiciary Making Nangarhar Unsafe: Provincial Governor

After vowing transparency, US mum on drone killing

Foreign insurgents sneak into Logar

Afghanistan - Religious Scholars Term Suicide Attack As 'Haram'

Afghan forces avail air support in uninhibited areas: Katz

Karzai Requests The Transfer of Guantanamo Detainees

Afghan TV Throws Spotlight on Abuse of Police Officers

Coalition troops are ready to 'rough it' while closing Afghan bases

In Afghan Transition, US Forces Take a Step Back

Interior Ministry Blames Networks Within Pakistan For Kabul Blasts