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Afghan senate urge US to remove Pakistan military from Goshta

US funds worth $50 million stolen from Afghan bank: SIGAR

Afghanistan - Senate Speaker Lashes Out at Foreign Troops Over Border Posts

Afghan Air Force Struggles To Take Off

Afghan defense ministry deny secret deal with Pakistan

US Marines successfully employ drone copters in Afghan war

New militant magazine appeals for help against drones

Afghanistan - Paktika residents seek ALP deployment

Troops Casualties Will Not Affect Campaign in Afghanistan: ISAF

US Names New Envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan

Pakistan Building Up Military Check-Posts in Kunar: Governor

Karzai urges Taliban to fight Afghan enemies after Pakistan clash

Benazir assassination case: FIA prosecutor gunned down

Young German Jihadists Fight on Side of Rebels in Syrian War

Taliban 'Slim-Fast diet' allows French hostage to escape

Afghan Forces Will Lead All Military Operations in Two Months: MoD

Afghanistan: UK's best armoured vehicle overcome by Taliban for first time

Police launch nighttime raids in Helmand

Solidarity of Pakistani Taliban with Afghan Taliban Raises Concerns

CIA Delivers Cash to Afghan Leader's Office