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Afghanistan - New Coalition Endorsed by Taliban Formed for Elections

Pakistanis resume overland NATO oil supplies to Afghanistan

Afghan security death toll 'unsustainable': NATO commander

Afghan police deaths double as foreign troops withdraw

Rahmatullah Nabeel appointed as Afghan intelligence chief

India to Boost Commando Presence in Afghanistan

MoFA Approves Plan to Open Taliban Office Outside Afghanistan

Prison escapee evolves into Qaeda-backed jailbreak artist

'Black budget' summary details US spy network's successes, failures and objectives

Pakistani group in Logar eliminated: Gen. Yaftali

Afghanistan's Karzai says no rush to sign US security pact

Feature: Taliban recruiting Afghan children as suicide bombers

NATO troops vacate 90pc of Afghanistan bases

Afghanistan - Violence Against Journalists Up 65 Percent in 2013: Nai

Target killing of education officials continue in Afghanistan

Afghan peace process: Pakistan may release more Taliban prisoners

Illegal Armed Groups Threaten Security of Baghlan: Officials

Afghanistan - Fate of ALP officials hangs in balance

Afghan, Foreign Officials Meet to Review National Security

US Troop Pullout Affects India-Pakistan Rivalry