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Pakistan - What next?

Midlevel Taliban admit to a rift with top leaders

Talks with the Taliban come at a price for women

Afghans see warlord footprints in new police force

Petraeus's comments on coalition attack reportedly offend Karzai government

Afghanistan peace council seeks release of Guantanamo Bay prisoners

Imam was killed last month for spying

Pakistan - Editorial: Kurram peace deal

Afghan peace council official: US-Taliban talks hurt Afghan sovereignty

Afghan leader says US bases depend on neighbours

US-Taliban talks

Afghanistan - Radio Azadi's SMS service hits 100,000 subscribers

Clinton sees Pak-US ties in limbo; urges reforms

Russia opposes long-term US bases in Afghanistan

Afghan imams wage political battle against US

Afghan women fear losing safe houses

US-funded militia in Helmand province to be expanded

Kidnap and ransom: negotiating lives for cash

No refuge from fear in Afghanistan, even at prayer

Hamid Karzai's brother under US grand jury investigation