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Qaeda woes fuel talk of speeding Afghan pullback

NATO tries to win Taliban homeland, profit center

Pakistani secular leaders alarmed by US Afghan-withdrawal plans

Afghan concern over saffron price drop

Afghan role for Taliban, if they play by rules: Amrullah Saleh

Karzai takes another shot at NATO coalition over motives

Karzai: Afghanistan, US in contacts with Taliban

Taliban evoke a Vietnam flashback

Defence ministers reaffirm commitments to Afghanistan

Russia eyes bigger role in Afghanistan, wants to rebuild: envoy

Britain cannot risk early military withdrawal in Afghanistan, Liam Fox says

Al-Qaeda's new boss: the US hunt for al-Zawahiri begins

The Egyptian doctor who globalized his caliphate crusade

Gates stresses the importance of ties with Pakistan

Afghanistan - Report sees danger in local allies

Pentagon: Wait until Fall 2012 to end Afghanistan troop boost

Pakistan-US security relationship at lowest point since 2001, officials say

Karzai to step down as Afghan leader in 2014 - Gates

UN to decide removal of Taliban names from blacklist

Taliban increased threat to Norway Afghanistan base