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US Aid to Afghans Flows On Despite Warnings of Misuse

Pakistan - JUI-S opposes operation against Taliban

No 'unilateral' decision on Waziristan operation: Pakistan PM

Lack of bilateral agreement would be blow to Afghan army, NATO chief says

Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to Drone Mission

False claims in Afghan accusations on US raid add to doubts on Karzai

As Afghan War closes, allies see broader American pullback

Afghanistan - Sharp rise in kidnappings worries Nangarharis

US General Predicts More Violence in Afghanistan

US Cuts Afghan Development Aid By Half

In lieu of Afghan security pact, NATO must remain flexible, defense chiefs say

German Military Faces a Difficult Year in Africa and Afghanistan

Afghanistan cracks down on commercials that favor US troops

Kabul restaurant attack throws aid work into peril

Afghan Officials Suggest Pakistani Link to Massacre

The end of an era in Kabul: Taliban attack on cherished restaurant shatters illusion of oasis

Afghan Senate Repeats Calls for BSA Signing

Marine killed in Afghanistan is awarded Navy Cross

With Afghan drawdown ongoing, US to set up center in Bahrain to continue anti-drug efforts

Recalling Past Threats, Afghans in Tranquil Valley Work to Keep It That Way