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The Taliban beheaded two Afghan policemen in Baghlan and killed an ISAF soldier in the east. Anti-Taliban uprisings have been reported in Ghor and Badghs provinces.

Canada blames US for delay in transferring Omar Khadr

Anti-Islam film protests spread across Middle East

ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders in Ghazni raids

A commander who helped "foreign insurgents" move throughout the province was captured. Another leader who was targeted serves as "the senior liaison between multiple insurgent groups operating in central and eastern Afghanistan."

Afghanistan bans YouTube to block anti-Muslim film

As troops move out, economy slows in Kabul

The Taliban killed a tribal leader in Faryab. The UN said the Taliban raised more than $400 million from taxes and extortion in 2011. UNAMA halted operations in Kunar.

Insurgent Taliban rake in $400m from different sources: UN report

Pre-9/11, Haqqani group urged US ties: documents

ISAF kills 2 Taliban commanders linked to 'foreign insurgents'

One of the commanders had planned an August 2008 ambush in Kabul province that resulted in the deaths of 10 French soldiers.

Al-Qaida still poses a threat: Panetta

Transfer of Bagram was Taliban and Arab Pressure: Analyst

The Taliban killed three Afghan intelligence officers and a policeman, and destroyed a helicopter in a rocket attack at Bagram Air Base. A suicide bomber killed a police commander and five Afghans in an attack in Herat. ISAF killed two Taliban leaders who were responsible for a 2008 ambush that killed several French soldiers.

Afghan Taliban claims it 'had no hand in the 9/11 incident'

The Taliban also attempted to convince the international community that the country would not serve as a launchpad for future attacks.

Jailed doc who helped nail Bin Laden warns Pakistan sees US as 'worst enemy'

Pakistan - US to provide $70m for NATO supply road reconstruction

A suicide bomber killed 10 policemen and six civilians in an attack in Kunduz. A police commander and six policemen in Baghlan defected to the Taliban. The Taliban warned clerics in Nangarhar not to give funeral prayers for slain Afghan security personnel.

Paktia residents up in arms against insurgents

AIHRC Uneasy Over Rise of Armed Groups in Ghor

Records Missing on Afghan Army Fuel Costs