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Afghanistan - 12-Year-Old Escapes Taliban Suicide Plan

Pakistani al Qaeda 'facilitator' killed in Kunar airstrike

Abdul Rauf and two other "insurgents" were killed in an airstrike in in the Marawarah district on Sept. 23. Rauf moved "foreign fighters" and built IEDs.

Muslim world demands int'l action to stop religious insults

The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in a suicide attack on a convoy in Logar, and two civilians in an IED attack in Helmand. Sixteen school girls in Kabul were poisoned. The Interior Ministry claimed its forces killed 51 Taliban.

In Afghanistan, US Advisers Train Ally With Armor On

NATO, Taliban joust over state of Afghan war

UK to Extradite Muslim Cleric to US

ISAF data show insurgent attacks down, civilian casualties up

ISAF has released its monthly data trends report for August 2012. ISAF's data show that the number of attacks by insurgents in Afghanistan has decreased slightly this year, by 5 percent when compared to the first eight months of 2011. However, the overall level of violence remains greater than prior to the surge and the number of civilian casualties has increased in recent months.

Students protest profane movie in Kunar

Afghanistan - 'Surrendering' Insurgent Came From Prison, He Says

The Afghan military claimed it killed 49 Taliban fighters in Helmand. Four anti-Taliban militia members and 24 Taliban fighters were killed in clashes in Ghazni. The Taliban released a video detailing some of the planning for the assault on Camp Bastion and kidnapped four tribal leaders in Faryab. The chief of police for Badghis province is accused of raping three policewomen.

Saudi steers citizens away from Syrian jihad

Afghans Take Over Training Responsibility for Border Police

The air force men who fly drones in Afghanistan by remote control

Taliban release video of planning for Camp Bastion assault

Camp-Bastion-Taliban-Map.jpgThe video clip shows a map on a whiteboard that details the location of the security perimeter, aircraft, hangars, and other buildings. Al Qaeda and the Mullah Dadullah Front were likely involved in the assault that destroyed six USMC Harriers.

Thirty-six Taliban fighters and 11 Afghan soldiers were killed in clashes throughout the country. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the east. Three policemen defected to the Taliban in Badghis.

ISAF captures Taliban 'insider attack planners' in Logar

US, Pakistan plan joint effort to boost Taliban talks

Human Rights Group Calls for End to Taliban Deals

Slain Marine commander's actions called heroic