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US officials give up on prospects for peace deal with Taliban

Muslim militants shifting focus to North Africa: Tunisia leader

The Taliban killed a US soldier in the south. The governor of Paktia requested that ISAF end the "irresponsible" night raids. ISAF denied that the Taliban shot down a helicopter in Zabul.

Al Qaeda ally orchestrated assault on US Embassy in Tunisia

seifallah-ben-hassine.jpgThe Sept. 14 assault on the US Embassy in Tunis was orchestrated by Seifallah ben Hassine, a.k.a. Abu Iyad al Tunisi, who has longstanding ties to al Qaeda. Hassine currently heads Ansar al Sharia Tunisia.

US Scales Back Plans for Afghan Peace

ISAF captures another senior IMU leader in Kunduz

NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan could be speeded up, says Rasmussen

A Taliban suicide bomber killed 3 ISAF soldiers, four policemen, and seven civilians in an attack on a convoy in Khost. The Taliban killed two civilians in a bombing in Uruzgan.

On Patrol With Bravo Company in Afghanistan

Classified German Report: Reality Contradicts Afghan Withdrawal Plans

NATO still on mission after insider attacks: US

Afghanistan - Zabul Schools Under Threat from Militants

Investors Shying Away From Afghan Mines

Taliban suicide bomber kills 14, including 3 ISAF troops

The Taliban have targeted ISAF convoys in the east with a suicide bomber twice in the past five days, killing five NATO soldiers.

In southern Afghanistan, concerns about what comes next

ISAF soldier, civilian contractor killed in latest green-on-blue attack

The attack took place just two days after the US and NATO resumed joint operations with Afghan forces.

Change of US command expected in Afghanistan

Twenty Taliban fighters and two Afghan policemen were killed during fighting throughout the country. ISAF has resumed joint operations with the Afghan National Security Forces. The Taliban claimed they captured the Wardoj district in Badakhshan.

ISAF targets another 'al Qaeda-associated Taliban leader' in Kunar

Since the end of May, special operations forces have conducted at least 21 raids against al Qaeda's network in Afghanistan.

Pakistan paving ground for water war: analysts