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UK - Afghanistan may never be 'viable state' warn MPs

IMU video shows attack in Pakistan's 'Tribal Areas'

Reporting a Fearful Rift Between Afghans and Americans

Shrinking military-led aid sparks concern among Afghans

Security forces killed a Taliban district governor and 20 fighters in Faryab. The Taliban killed a district governor and a bodyguard in Farah, and two ISAF soldiers in the south.

No Change in Stance on Durand Line, US Says

Pakistan Taliban threaten another child activist after Malala shooting

New Afghan Force Expands Role

Test of Afghan Pullout Leaves Residents Fearful

A police chief, four police officers, five soldiers, and a Taliban district chief and three fighters were killed during a clash in Herat. ISAF said it may have accidentally killed three civilians during a raid in Logar. The Taliban killed a US soldier in the east.

Afghanistan - Deadly Clash in Herat Over Stolen School Books

Kabul slams Grossman's remarks on Durand Line

The Taliban killed three policemen in Khost, three civilians in Paktika, and a tribal leader in Helmand. Security forces killed a Taliban district leader and military commander in Wardak.

Afghan MPs Criticise Zardari 'Delay' of Insurgent Raid

Afghan security force's rapid expansion comes at a cost as readiness lags

Seventeen Taliban fighters, a policeman, and a soldier were killed in clashes in Zabul and Farah. The Taliban killed an Australian soldier in Uruzgan.

Analysis: Waziristan finally off US agenda?

War Against Terrorism 'Unwinnable' Unless Pakistan Fights: Afghan Ministry of Interior

Afghan Govt Joins Call for Insurgents to Not Use 'Roadside' Bombs

Taliban Denies Roadside Bombs Cause Most Afghan Deaths