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After Arab Spring, Salafists are building influence -- at polls and at gunpoint

11 Years On: US Policy Failed in Afghanistan, Afghan Analysts Say

The Taliban killed two US special forces soldiers in Wardak province. Special operations forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in raids throughout the country.

British Judges Approve Extradition of Muslim Cleric

Panetta Rejects Karzai's Criticism over Afghan Effort

Political Islam and the Fate of Two Libyan Brothers

US: Haqqani tie to Afghan insider attacks possible

Russia keeps door open to Pakistan after Putin cancels trip

Haqqani Network is part of the Taliban -- Siraj Haqqani

The al Qaeda-linked leader of the Haqqani Network reiterated his allegiance to Mullah Omar. The Haqqanis and the Taliban have consistently stated that both groups are united.

Afghan civil war feared as Taliban survive US surge

Security forces killed five Taliban commanders and 25 fighters during operations in Wardak, and detained a suicide bomber and two others planning an attack on Bagram. The Taliban executed two kidnappers in Herat.

Karzai: US unable to defend Afghanistan against Pakistan shelling

Top Afghan Officials Admit Fears for Prison Control

Libyan armed Islamists driven underground

"Living Under Drones" - the anti-drone campaign can do damage too

Security forces killed three Taliban leaders and three more fighters in Laghman and Herat, and foiled a suicide attack on Kandahar's chief of police. The Taliban killed two children in a bombing in Farah.

Taliban in control at Kabul's doorstep

US officials give up on prospects for peace deal with Taliban

Muslim militants shifting focus to North Africa: Tunisia leader

The Taliban killed a US soldier in the south. The governor of Paktia requested that ISAF end the "irresponsible" night raids. ISAF denied that the Taliban shot down a helicopter in Zabul.