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Mine detecting dogs to take on Afghanistan's enemy

Freed Taliban prisoners now living with their families: Afghan High Peace Council

France has ended its combat mission in Afghanistan. The Taliban attempted to assassinate the governor and security chief for Helmand. Two policemen and two Taliban fighters were killed during fighting in Helmand. The Taliban killed a policeman in an IED attack in Farah.

Opium cultivation rises in Afghanistan, prices remain high

Over $3 billion illegally transferred outside Afghanistan

Afghan National Army loses 830 soldiers in 7 months

President Karzai asked the US to free all Afghan prisoners currently being held at the Bagram detention facility. Security forces arrested a Taliban suicide attack facilitator in Kandahar.

Freed Taliban prisoners get Afghan passports

Most Afghans Will Have Internet Access in 2 Years: Officials

Afghan Senators Concerned Over Release of Taliban Prisoners

Herat, Freewheeling Afghan City, Fearful of US Pullout

Skyfall's Daniel Craig drops in on British troops in Afghanistan

The Taliban killed eight Afghan soldiers and an ISAF soldier, and a civilian accused of spying. Security forces killed 20 Taliban fighters in Faryab. Security guards robbed the Central Bank branch in Nuristan.

Freed rebels won't promote peace drive: Afghan National Coalition

Quetta Shura Reviews Afghan Peace Talks

Taliban release Nuristan attack video

The Taliban website has uploaded a 35-minute-long video depicting a series of attacks against Afghan security forces in the Kamdesh district in Nuristan province.

Security forces killed five Taliban fighters in Badakhshan and detained a Taliban commander in Kandahar. The Afghan High Peace Council wants immunity, and sanctions lifted for senior Taliban leaders.

Taliban group accidentally reveals their email list

Afghan Peace Council Seeks Immunity, Lift on Sanctions for Taliban

Pakistani Taliban Turn to Kidnapping to Finance Operations