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Another IMU 'weapons facilitator' captured in northern Afghanistan

Reports of raids against al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan have decreased over the past two months, but "that does not indicate there were no missions executed, just that there was not a release issued," ISAF told LWJ.

Pakistan - Militant attack: Blast destroys shrine of 11th century saint

Notes from Afghanistan

Tragic violence against women on the rise in Afghanistan

Georgia ready to train Afghan forces

Classes Suspended After Student Dies in Kabul University Clash

Insurgents Losing the Afghan War: Katz

White House Presses for Drone Rule Book

'British Army chief risked soldiers' lives,' says US colonel

Islamic revolution will soon be future of Pakistan: JI

The Taliban killed a US soldier in the south. A suicide bomber killed only himself in a premature detonation in Nangarhar. Security forces captured two suicide bombers in Kabul.

Hamid Karzai: Our Man in Kabul?

Pakistan holds key to success in Afghanistan: US

Afghanistan - Lawmakers, Scholars React to Taliban Call for End to Executions

Afghanistan - Brave Tarana Returns to Ashura Massacre Site

A Change in the Afghan Fighting Season, Borne on the Raindrops

Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters, including several Pakistanis, in Zabul, and four more in Faryab. The deputy NDS chief in Herat was gunned down in the streets.

US adds Pakistani hawala, 2 Taliban financiers to terrorism list

Rahat Ltd., a Pakistan-based hawala, its owner, and the owner of the Quetta branch, were added to the terrorism list for supporting the Taliban, including Mullah Barich, the shadow governor of Helmand province.

A suicide bomber killed two security guards in an attack outside of Camp Eggers in Kabul. The government executed 14 prisoners in the past two days; the Taliban described them as "prisoners of war."

Pakistan, Afghanistan, ISAF agree on border coordination