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Afghan forces make tenuous gains in Helmand

Kandahar Ulema Council Chief Rejects Arrest Allegation

Afghan Local Police are Effective, Not Subversive: Sultani

The Taliban killed three US soldiers in an IED attack in Paktia on Nov. 3. Two Afghan and two Pakistani Taliban fighters were reportedly killed during infighting in Ghazni.

Senior Haqqani Network leader again calls on Turks, Kurds to wage jihad in Afghanistan

Mullah-Sangeen_Zadran-FMIG-video-Oct2012.jpgMullah Sangeen Zadran, the Taliban's shadow governor for Paktika, asks that Allah "accepts the martyrdom of the Turkish, Kurdish and other brothers who die for this cause" in Afghanistan.

Taliban claim over 20 insider attacks in 8 months

A Taliban official responsible for insider, or green-on-blue, attacks in Afghanistan's southern and western provinces claims that Taliban infiltration is behind the great majority of attacks this year, and details the operations of the committee sponsoring them.

US Air Force struggles with aging fleet

Italian Premier Makes Surprise Visit To Afghanistan

Hizb-e-Islami Will Participate in Election if Transparent, Adviser Says

Mujahedeen Army is Against Afghan Interests: Senators

The Taliban killed the chief of police for the Dand district in Kandahar province. A Taliban commander and 12 fighters reconciled with the government in Herat. President Obama said the Afghan war is ending.

Afghanistan - Weak Justice is the Root of Insecurity: Fahim

German quits 'unhygienic, drug-using' Taliban

US Finds Graft by Favored Afghan Leader

Taliban may return to power after NATO leaves: Indian diplomat

Poppy cultivation risks Helmand's security: Officials

Five policemen in Helmand killed four of their colleagues and wounded six more before defecting to the Taliban. Security forces detained several Taliban commanders and fighters.

4 Afghan policemen killed in 'green-on-green' insider attack

Afghan minister says warlords are rearming militias as NATO forces leave

The Taliban beheaded two men in Ghazni and killed a US soldier in an IED attack in the south. ISAF captured a Taliban facilitator responsible for a green-on-blue attack that killed a US soldier. Energy and Water Minister Mohammad Ismail Khan said that militias are forming as NATO forces draw down.