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US force in Afghanistan may be smaller than expected after 2014

Vast sums of aid continue to be stolen in Afghanistan

US presses Pakistan on bomb fertiliser

Taliban control schools in Ghazni province of Afghanistan

Afghanistan - Insecurity hampers development of some districts

Panetta, other US officials in Kabul paint rosy picture of Afghan situation

Security forces killed a Taliban commander and several fighters in Baghlan, and detained six suicide bombers, including three Pakistanis, in Paktika. President Karzai said the suicide attack that wounded the NDS chief was plotted in Quetta, and the government will provide evidence to prove it.

Taliban leaders send their girl children to school: UN

Pentagon reports Taliban attacks up during Afghan fighting season

The police chief in Nimroz and the acting head of women's affairs for Laghman were assassinated in separate attacks. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the south. A US Navy SEAL was killed in the Dec. 8 raid in Kabul that freed a kidnapped US doctor.

ISAF kills another al Qaeda commander in Kunar raid

An al Qaeda leader known as Numan was killed during a raid in the Nari district on Dec. 4. Numan supported senior "insurgent leaders" and moved weapons and fighters into the province.

ISAF killed three Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Helmand. A US soldier died in eastern Afghanistan. Hundreds of Afghans angry over the execution of countrymen in Iran attacked the Iranian consulate in Herat.

Kabul's $100m mosque: a sign of a heavyweight battle for post-2014 Afghanistan

Suicide Attack Investigators Are Inept: Afghan Senate

Afghan polio program worker's slaying raises questions

Attack on Afghan Spy Chief Won't Derail Peace Moves, Says Karzai

For Afghan Officials, Prospect of Death Comes With Territory

Afghanistan to Allow US Troops Conditional Immunity

President Karzai said the suicide attack that wounded the NDS chief was planned in Pakistan. US troops rescued an American civilian who was kidnapped in Kabul. Four Taliban fighters were killed in a premature detonation in Parwan. The Taliban killed two civilians in an IED attack in Khost.

Rural Afghan town feels caught between U.S. and Taliban