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Pakistan's army chief makes Afghan peace "top priority"

Presence of Foreigners After 2014 Benefits Afghanistan: Karzai

Political Parties Hopeful After Paris; Taliban Demand Constitutional Change

Afghan Factions Hold Informal Talks Near Paris

Once a symbol of new Afghanistan, can policewomen survive?

The Taliban killed two Afghan security personnel and five civilians in a bombing in Nimroz. A Georgian soldier has gone missing in Helmand province. Foreign Minister Zalmai Rasool said the ANSF is not prepared to take over security in 2014.

Ex-Afghan Spy Chief Opposes Paris Conference on Afghanistan

Taliban Could Overrun Nuristan: Locals

Afghan Forces Not Ready for Post-2014 Threats: Afghan Foreign Minister

Britain will withdraw 3,800 troops by the end of 2013. An Afghan policeman killed four of his fellow officers in an insider attack in Kandahar. A US Defense Department report says since the adoption of measures to prevent insider attacks, 90 percent of operations in Afghanistan have returned to normal.

Report: Financial fallout from Kabul blast reaches $10 million

Security forces killed a Taliban commander in Herat. Nuristan's chief of police accused the Pakistani military of attacking police centers in conjunction with the Taliban.

UN makes it easier for blacklisted Taliban to travel for peace talks

A Taliban suicide bomber killed one person in an attack on a US contractors base in Kabul. Ten Afghan girls were killed in a landmine blast in Nangarhar.

Afghan peace council meets Taliban in Paris Conference

If you think Pakistan will abandon the Taliban, think again!

Hizb-e-Islami Welcomes Atta's Comments on Potential Electoral Alliance

Taliban suicide bomber attacks US contracting company in Kabul

Contrack International, the target of the attack, supports US military operations in Afghanistan.

Security forces captured a Taliban facilitator involved in the Dec. 2 attack on the US airbase in Jalalabad. The Afghan military claimed that 23 Taliban fighters were killed during operations over the past two days.

NSC confers on Taliban's political bureau in Qatar