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Afghanistan, Macedonia Big Movers In Press-Freedom Index

Abdullah slams Karzai's remarks on peace talks

AP Interview: Top US general confident in Afghans

IMU commander captured in northern Afghanistan

The weapons facilitator and assassinations director is the third Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander killed or captured in the Afghan north so far this year.

"Gunmen" assassinated a district governor in Kapisa province. Twenty-eight insurgents reconciled with the government in Baghlan. Denmark will withdraw all of its troops from the country at the end of 2014.

Foreigners struggling to weaken Afghanistan: Karzai

School Support Grows Even Under Specter of a Taliban Return

ISAF willing to help provide election security

Iran boosts electricity export in western Afghanistan

The Taliban killed eight policemen and three prisoners in an IED attack in Kandahar. Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters in Helmand. ISAF killed an al Qaeda facilitator in Kunar.

Pakistan still global jihad hub

Afghan Interior Ministry Concerned by Increase in Police Casualties

A suicide bomber killed 10 policemen, including the chief of counterterrorism for Kunduz City, in an attack in the northern city. A second suicide bomber killed a policeman and a civilian in an attack in Ghazni.

Suicide bombers strike in Kunduz and Ghazni

Algeria attack mastermind targets Maghreb

The Taliban killed five civilians in a suicide attack on an ISAF convoy in Kapisa and two policemen in Helmand. ISAF killed an al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander in Kunar. More than 1,100 Afghan soldiers have died in combat over the past six months.

Afghan MOI Downplays Security Forces Joining Insurgents

Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 civilians in attack on ISAF convoy

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander targeted in Kunar raid

In 2012 there were 16 reported raids against al Qaeda operatives and affiliates in Kunar province. Yesterday's raid was the first such operation in the province this year.

US adds wanted Saudi al Qaeda leader to terrorism list

Ahmed Abdullah Saleh al Khazmari al Zahrani, who is better known as Abu Maryam al Zahrani, is thought to be based in Pakistan and has been spotted in Iran.