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Map: The countries most at risk for a coup in 2013

New Threat Seen in Afghan Pullout

Omar Khadr's lawyers step down

Pakistani forces set posts on Afghan soil

Algeria Attack Shows Reach of Militants

Security Failures Incite Concern for Afghan Future

Afghanistan - Batikot insecurity lingers despite operation

British Fears for Pakistan Linked to Nuclear Weapons: Analyst

Ivory Coast Leader: 'Germany Should Also Send Troops to Mali'

Taliban suicide assault team attacks police headquarters in Kabul

Three policemen and all five members of the suicide assault team were killed during an eight-hour-long firefight. The Taliban claimed credit for the attack.

Terror Threat Prompts US Rethink on Africa

CIA drone strikes will get pass in counterterrorism 'playbook,' officials say

Two suicide bombers in Herat killed only themselves in a premature detonation. Special operations forces killed or captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Helmand, Khost, and Nangarhar. Afghan troops suffered a 124% increase in casualties due to IEDs, while the number of Coalition casualties has dropped by half.

The Taliban denied that they participated in peace talks with the Afghan government in Dubai. Pakistan said it would free all Afghan Taliban prisoners, including Mullah Baradar, who attempted to negotiate with the government in 2010.

Karzai government accused of Taliban's return to power

Taliban stay away from Dubai peace talks

Helmand Residents Protest Against Insurgency

New Taliban leader in South Waziristan vows to continue mission of emir killed in drone strike

A pamphlet released by the Mullah Nazir group announced that it would continue to follow in the footsteps of its slain emir, and named the top leaders of the group. Nazir has supported al Qaeda and waged jihad in Afghanistan.

Joint Afghan and Coalition forces killed two insurgents during a clash in the Narang district in Kunar, and detained one insurgent in Logar and two more in Paktika. A local policeman in Kandahar's Panjwai district poisoned his colleagues and then shot his commander. The US military suspended the transfer of prisoners to Afghan detention facilities due to concerns over alleged abuse of detainees by Afghans.