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President Karzai said that he will issue a decree that prevents the Afghan military from requesting ISAF air support. Officials in Badghis province said Pakistanis are training the Taliban.

Kabul vendors of stolen U.S. goods fret about future

Afghan Insurgent Is Killed on US-Led Military Base

Army may have to extend Afghanistan deployments due to budget cuts

Uprising against Taliban gains momentum

US Military Faces Fire as It Pulls Out of Afghanistan

NATO air strikes for Afghan security forces must end: Karzai

Afghan Withdrawal's Main Hurdle - Getting Gear Out

The military said 23 Taliban fighters were killed in operations in Helmand, Uruzgan, Kunar, Nuristan, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Wardak, and Khost provinces. Two people, including a former NDS district chief, were killed in a bombing in Kunar.

Taliban group use civilians as human shields: ISAF

Afghanistan's Economy, a Victim of Politics

Afghanistan peace talks: 'The ball is now in the Taliban court'

Afghan officials said ISAF killed 10 civilians and four Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Kunar; ISAF claimed it killed two Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Kunar, and said no civilians were killed. The Taliban killed a tribal elder in Helmand, and denied it met with Fazl Rehman in Qatar.

UNAMA mission in Afghanistan changes after NATO pullout

MOI Confirms All Private Security Dissolved in South Afghanistan

Pakistani Taliban praise slain American, British jihadists

Inaam-TTP-martyrdom-video-SITE.pngPictures of an American identified as Inaam and a Brit known as Abbas are shown with top leaders of the Taliban, al Qaeda, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and other terrorist groups who have been killed while waging jihad across the globe over the past four decades.

Afghan prisoners' number sees 13-fold increase in 10 years

Australia's military role in Afghanistan pending US decision

Taliban still handling prosecutions in parts of Afghanistan

Afghan Analysts Differ on US Withdrawal Plan