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Afghanistan refuses to hand over Maulvi Faqir

Security forces killed two Taliban fighters and several Pakistani jihadists in Laghman. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in an IED attack in the south.

Freed Afghan Taliban fighters return to insurgency

Test for NATO: US Plans Mini-Force in Post-2014 Afghanistan

UN notes a sharp increase in US drone strikes in Afghanistan

Taliban dismiss UN report on civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Security Transition Driving Troop Casualties Up: Afghan MoD

Jirga to Decide on Kabul-Washington Security Pact

Former Taliban emir Faqir Mohammed reported captured by Afghan intel

Faqir, who led the Taliban in Bajaur, is said to have been captured in Nangarhar province.

Taliban insider attack facilitator killed in Kunar

A Taliban operative who was responsible for the death of an American soldier in May 2012 died along with an associate in a precision airstrike in Kunar's Ghaziabad district. ISAF had claimed it killed the operative last September.

Afghan Security Council Orders Armed Forces Consolidation

The NDS reportedly arrested Faqir Mohammed, the former deputy emir of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, and four others in Nangarhar. ISAF killed two Taliban commanders in Kunar who were involved in planning and executing green-on-blue, or insider, attacks against ISAF personnel.

Critics worry airstrike ban will hobble Afghan forces ahead of withdrawal of foreign troops

Renewed Push for Afghans to Make Peace With Taliban

ISAF supports President Karzai's decree that Afghan forces should not receive ISAF air support. Security forces killed three Taliban fighters and detained several others. Thirty-five Taliban fighters in Herat reconciled with the government.

President Karzai said that he will issue a decree that prevents the Afghan military from requesting ISAF air support. Officials in Badghis province said Pakistanis are training the Taliban.

Kabul vendors of stolen U.S. goods fret about future

Afghan Insurgent Is Killed on US-Led Military Base

Army may have to extend Afghanistan deployments due to budget cuts

Uprising against Taliban gains momentum