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Foreigners Behind Afghanistan's Instability: Karzai

Pakistani al Qaeda 'company' commander praises Mumbai attacker

Asmatullah Muawiya said that the executions of Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru will fuel a new round of attacks on India, and that Kashmir will become a focal point for jihadists after the US abandons Afghanistan.

A Taliban suicide assault team killed six policemen in an assault on a district center in Paktika. The Taliban killed 16 soldiers in Badakhshan. Taliban prisoners seized control of a British-funded prison in Helmand.

NATO chief backs proposal to keep more Afghan troops in place through 2018, despite expense

Dam and other Afghan projects being scaled back as U.S. picks up pace of withdrawalt

ISAF: No More Data On Taliban Attacks

Afghan Peace Process and Minorities' Concerns

Senior NATO and Afghan officials condemned the statement by the head Pakistani cleric that suicide attacks in Afghanistan are justifiable. Five Taliban fighters were killed in an uprising in Faryab. The Taliban killed a US soldier in the south on March 3.

Watchdog Says Afghan Government Must Act To Protect Media Gains

NATO expects decision on post-2014 Afghan force by mid-year

Zabul Peace Chief Resigns Over Governor Inaction

Facilitating Afghan peace: Pakistan mulls Taliban transfer to Qatar

War-weariness?: Taliban may launch political party

The Inside Story of How the White House Let Diplomacy Fail in Afghanistan

Helmand's Remarkable Security Gains Remain Fragile

Afghan MOD Asks ISAF to Halt Military Base Demolitions

Report: airstrike killed Taliban shadow governor Sheikh Dost Mohammed

Dost-Mohammed-AJ.jpg One of the most wanted Taliban commanders in eastern Afghanistan, Sheikh Dost Mohammed, was reportedly killed along with two other Taliban leaders in a US airstrike in the Ghaziabad district of Kunar province. The death of Dost Mohammed has been erroneously reported in the past.

The Afghan military and police claimed to have killed 18 Taliban fighters in raids throughout the country. A Kazakh member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan was captured in Kunduz. ISAF apologized for killing two Afghan boys in Uruzgan.

Spending cuts create challenges for Army

Pakistani clerics endorse suicide bombings, reject proposed peace conference

tahir-ashrafi.jpgThe chairman of Pakistan's Ulema Council said suicide bombings should continue in "occupied" Muslim areas that do not have the atomic bomb. His rhetoric is identical to that of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.