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The US killed nine insurgents, including "Iranian and Arab" fighters, in an airstrike in Farah. An Afghan teenager stabbed and killed a US soldier in Nangarhar. A policeman gunned down a police chief in in Faryab.

Karzai Softens on Taliban Ahead of Doha Office Opening

At least nine Taliban fighters and a child were killed in an ISAF airstrike in Ghazni. US Special Forces have withdrawn from the Nirkh district in Wardak province.

Afghanistan deny shelling Pakistan bordering regions

Afghan Govt Repeats Claim of Pakistan's 'Unacceptable' Demands

US commandos hand over troubled area to Afghans

'The Taliban are worried about the uprising happening here': an interview with the Panjwai district governor

The DG of Panjwai district in Afghanistan's Kandahar province outlines the nature of the insurgency and the local uprising against the Taliban, his desire for continued international assistance, and the limited resources provided by the national and provincial Afghan governments.

Taliban Terrorize Karachi as the New Gang in Town

Security forces killed a Taliban district chief and six fighters in Faryab, 11 fighters in Badakhshan, and six more in Herat. Two policemen were also killed in Badakhshan. Three teachers were gunned down in Balkh. A concert in Ghazni was canceled after provincial officials declared that music is haram.

Afghan and Coalition forces claimed they killed 23 Taliban fighters in Logar, but reports from the province indicate that five civilians, including four children, were killed. Afghan officials said that another 29 Taliban fighters were killed during raids throughout the country.

Kerry Hears Afghan Fears From Women in Business

Initial security impressions: Panjwai

Latest IMU capture indicates resiliency of terror group in Afghanistan

Five policemen and eight Taliban fighters were killed after the Taliban launched a suicide assault on a police headquarters in Jalalabad. The government freed 26 inmates from Bagram Prison just one day after the US transferred control of the prison. Australia will withdraw 1,000 of its 1,500 troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Taliban suicide assault team strikes police HQ in eastern Afghanistan

Five policemen and eight Taliban fighters were killed after the suicide assault team penetrated security at the Quick Reaction Force headquarters in Jalalabad.

Stalemate to continue: Taliban rule out talks with Karzai during Qatar visit

US Cedes Control, Almost, on Afghan Prisoners

Chinook pilot awarded medal for Helmand rescue

Suicide bomber kills 17 Pakistani troops in North Waziristan

The suicide bomber rammed a water truck packed with explosives into a camp run by the Pakistani military's Frontier Works Organization.

Excavating a future in Afghanistan