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The Taliban overran an Afghan Army military post in Kunar, killing 13 soldiers and capturing two more; five Taliban fighters were also killed during the assault. A Taliban judge, 11 fighters, and four civilians were killed during clashes in Sar-i-Pul, Helmand, and Nangarhar.

Taliban overrun Afghan National Army outpost in Kunar

US reconstruction effort in Afghan provinces is unfinished work

The Taliban killed four Afghans in two bombings in Helmand and Uruzgan, and two children in a mortar attack in Paktika. Special operations forces killed a relative of an advisor to President Karzai during a raid in Uruzgan.

The Taliban are 'still dreaming' of a return to power: an interview with Afghan Army officers in Panjwai

Officers with the 2/1/205 Afghan National Army assess their capability, local politics, and the prospects for the Taliban and the uprising against insurgents in Panjwai district.

Green-on-blue attack in Ghor province injures 2 Lithuanian troops

Peace Envoys From Taliban at Loose Ends in Qatar

Taliban Defend New Perch in Northern Pakistan, Gaining Sway as Election Nears

The Taliban killed four policemen in Nimroz, three civilians in Helmand, and an NDS agent in Kunduz. An Afghan soldier fired an RPG at Lithuanian soldiers in Ghor, wounding two. The governor of Balkh province said the West has failed Afghanistan.

The Taliban killed five civilians in an IED attack in Helmand and two policemen in Nuristan. Two ISAF soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Nangarhar. Two French citizens who were kidnapped months ago have been freed.

ISAF kills, captures 2 IMU facilitators in Takhar

Joint Afghan and Coalition forces in Takhar arrested a facilitator "with ties to multiple terrorist organizations," including the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and killed another IMU facilitator; and detained a known insurgent in Wardak. An insurgent roadside bomb in Wardak detonated under a busload of civilians, killing nine and injuring another 28.

Afghan attacks raise fears over Taliban strength

Leaving Corruptistan: Washington Favors Exit over Fight with Karzai

Afghanistan calls Pak-Afghan strategic pact 'meaningless'

Al-Qaida Leader Urges Muslims to Unite in Struggle

A Taliban suicide bomber killed three US soldiers, a State Department official, and a Department of Defense representative in an attack on the governor's convoy in Zabul. The Afghan military claimed it killed 100 Taliban fighters in Badakhshan and 18 more in Jawzjan.

Pakistan may use LeT for proxy war in Kashmir: US report

Afghans Jail US Man in Business Dispute

Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 ISAF personnel in southeastern Afghanistan

Three ISAF soldiers and two civilians who worked at the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Qalat were killed in the suicide attack in the provincial capital of Zabul.