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Taliban suicide assault team strikes courtroom in western Afghanistan

Ten policemen and 34 Afghan civilians are reported to have been killed as the Taliban attempted to free prisoners being transported to a court for trial in Farah City.

Kabul city to witness increased attacks this year: officials

Protests erupt against Nangarhar police

Afghan Spy Chief Returns Home

Pakistani youth 'favour Sharia law over democracy'

President Karzai said Taliban emir Mullah Omar can run for president. The Taliban killed three policemen in Paktia and another in Herat.

Taliban in Karachi: the real story

Secularists fear an Islamist takeover in Tunisia

Afghans Failing Security Test In Badakhshan

Karzai Orders Jailed Mullahs to be Investigated

The US killed nine insurgents, including "Iranian and Arab" fighters, in an airstrike in Farah. An Afghan teenager stabbed and killed a US soldier in Nangarhar. A policeman gunned down a police chief in in Faryab.

Karzai Softens on Taliban Ahead of Doha Office Opening

At least nine Taliban fighters and a child were killed in an ISAF airstrike in Ghazni. US Special Forces have withdrawn from the Nirkh district in Wardak province.

Afghanistan deny shelling Pakistan bordering regions

Afghan Govt Repeats Claim of Pakistan's 'Unacceptable' Demands

US commandos hand over troubled area to Afghans

'The Taliban are worried about the uprising happening here': an interview with the Panjwai district governor

The DG of Panjwai district in Afghanistan's Kandahar province outlines the nature of the insurgency and the local uprising against the Taliban, his desire for continued international assistance, and the limited resources provided by the national and provincial Afghan governments.

Taliban Terrorize Karachi as the New Gang in Town

Security forces killed a Taliban district chief and six fighters in Faryab, 11 fighters in Badakhshan, and six more in Herat. Two policemen were also killed in Badakhshan. Three teachers were gunned down in Balkh. A concert in Ghazni was canceled after provincial officials declared that music is haram.

Afghan and Coalition forces claimed they killed 23 Taliban fighters in Logar, but reports from the province indicate that five civilians, including four children, were killed. Afghan officials said that another 29 Taliban fighters were killed during raids throughout the country.