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ISAF targets al Qaeda facilitator in eastern Afghanistan

The International Security Assistance Force has balked at mentioning al Qaeda in press releases since the end of January.

A Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin suicide bomber killed 6 Americans and nine Afghans in an attack in Kabul. Special operations forces targeted an al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander in Kunar province.

Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin suicide bomber in Kabul kills 6 Americans, 9 Afghans

The Taliban's spring offensive promised a renewed focus on suicide attacks targeting ISAF forces. Today's suicide bombing in a residential area also injured 39 Afghan civilians.

Afghanistan imposes $1b illegitimate taxes on US-funded projects

Afghanistan - Zahir Qadir Must Provide Capital Legitimizing Documents: Analysts

US Special Operations Step Up in Afghanistan

The Taliban killed four US soldiers in Kandahar and three Georgian soldiers and three civilians in Helmand in IED attacks over the past 24 hours. The Taliban forced 40 schools in Zabul to shut down. More than 150 schoolgirls and five teachers were poisoned in Herat.

Taliban Keep Up Campaign to Win Public Support

Tensions Rise Between Kabul and Berlin Ahead of Withdrawal

Afghanistan - TAPI pipeline to spur regional uplift: US

Taliban Shuts 40 Schools In Southern Zabul Province: Officials

Pakistan's next premier an Islamist comeback kid

Afghan Forces Lack Equipments to Defend Borders

US and Afghans Negotiate Future

Poppy Cultivation Rises in Badakhshan

Panjwai district chief of police: 'Pakistan has been trying to bring Afghanistan under its control'

dcopsm03.jpgDistrict Chief of Police Lieutenant Colonel Sultan Mohammad discusses the roots of the insurgency, the Kandahar massacre, poppy eradication, and Panjwai's improvement in security.

A suicide bomber killed three people in Kapisa. Fifteen Taliban fighters and a police commander were killed in fighting in Laghman. Police killed four Taliban fighters in Ghazni. The Taliban kidnapped 11 deminers in Nangarhar.

Afghan senate urge US to remove Pakistan military from Goshta

'Iranian citizens' reported killed in ISAF airstrike

President Karzai said the US wants to maintain nine military bases in Afghanistan following the end of NATO combat operations in 2014. He said the US is requesting bases in Kabul, Bagram, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad, Gardez, Kandahar, Helmand, Shindand, and Herat, but Afghanistan must first be granted security guarantees.