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A Taliban suicide assault team targeted a UN-linked NGO compound in Kabul; five Taliban fighters, a Nepalese guard, and an Afghan policemen were killed during the fighting, which lasted for seven hours. The Taliban killed four policemen in an attack in Helmand.

A suicide bomber killed seven people in an attack that targeted a local militia commander in Ghazni. Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in Kandahar and Herat, and two Haqqani Network commanders and three fighters in Paktia. ISAF claimed that the Afghan Air Force can conduct independent air operations.

US Acknowledges Killing 4 Americans in Drone Strikes

Security Concern Halts Foreign Investments in Afghanistan

NATO Member Countries To Keep Soldiers Post 2014

Afghan interpreters given right to apply for asylum

In Afghanistan, Hezb-i-Islami Takes Its Extremism Into Politics

Drones: Myths And Reality In Pakistan - International Crisis Group

Coalition Plays Down Afghan Reports of Major Battle in Helmand

The Taliban launched small-scale attacks against several police outposts in the Sangin district in Helmand province; 26 Taliban fighters, including "Pakistanis and Chechens," and 10 policemen were killed in the clashes over the past two days. Six security guards at a dam in Herat were killed in an IED attack. Eighty schoolgirls were poisoned in Faryab.

Afghan peace lost in transition worries

Applying Early Lessons to Build Afghan Security

A Taliban suicide bomber killed the head of the provincial council in Baghlan and 13 Afghans. Security forces killed two Taliban fighters in Paktika and two more in Wardak.

Taliban aims victory after NATO pullout from Afghanistan: Azimi

Taliban suicide bomber assassinates senior politician in Afghan north

The head of the provincial council in Baghlan province and 13 others were killed by a Taliban suicide bomber who was dressed as a policeman.

Ministry of Defence To Mobilise Paktika Forces: Officials

Afghanistan to Sign Security Agreement Once the War Ends

Prominent anti-Taliban police chief killed in western Afghanistan

Police Officers Are Targets in Wave of Afghan Violence

Efforts to Strengthen Afghan Law on Women May Backfire