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Georgia closes 3 bases in Helmand after suicide attack kills 7 soldiers

Taliban shadow district governor killed in Afghan security operation

The Taliban killed eight Afghan soldiers and four civilians in attacks throughout the country. Georgia is withdrawing its troops from three bases in Helmand after last week's suicide attack that killed seven soldiers.

Sentence goes on for Pakistani detainees in Bagram

US defeat in Afghanistan will lead to regional instability

Changing Political System of Afghanistan Will Not Be Accepted: Political Parties

US General Dunford: 'Fight for Afghan rights not over'

A suicide bomber killed 16 civilians in an attack that targeted workers outside of Afghanistan's supreme court building in Kabul. The Taliban executed a man accused of kidnapping and murdering a child in Herat.

Suicide bomber strikes at supreme court in Kabul

The suicide attack is the second of its kind in the capital in two days. Up to 16 employees of the court were killed when a suicide bomber targeted buses transporting workers.

The Taliban launched suicide assaults in Kabul and Zabul; all 13 members of the two suicide teams were killed by police. The Taliban beheaded two boys in Kandahar and killed an ISAF soldier in the east.

IMU-linked insurgent leader targeted in northern Afghanistan

Taliban launch suicide assaults in Kabul, Qalat

ISAF targets al Qaeda leaders in Kunar

Over the past several days, ISAF launched five raids against two senior al Qaeda leaders and two al Qaeda-linked Taliban commanders in Kunar and Nuristan provinces.

Security forces killed two Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan fighters in Sar-i-Pul and captured four Pakistani fighters in Panjshir. ISAF denied that its forces killed children in an airstrike that targeted a Taliban commander in Badakhshan.

Army leaders walk fine line as Afghan advisers

Local Taliban commander killed in latest drone strike in Pakistan

Mutaqi was reportedly preparing to lead fighters across the border to wage jihad in Afghanistan. The Obama administration has claimed that drone strikes would be conducted only against targets that pose an "imminent threat" to the US.

Britain Told to Hand Over War Prisoners

Two Afghan soldiers killed two US troops and a civilian adviser in an insider attack in Paktika. An Afghan Local Policeman killed seven of his colleagues in Helmand. An Afghan Local Police commander and several of his officers defected to the Taliban in Farah.

Afghan policeman kills 7 colleagues in Helmand

Afghan soldiers kill 2 ISAF troops, civilian in latest insider attack

Afghan soldiers "turned his weapon" on US troops in Paktika, killing two soldiers and a civilian adviser. The attack is the seventh of its kind so far this year.