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Irishman wants to kill for Islam

Biometric tests to identify rebels in Afghanistan

Clinton sets benchmarks for progress in Afghanistan

Afghan and Coalition forces killed eight Taliban fighters in Paktika and detained five more in Wardak. Six Taliban fighters and five Afghan soldiers were killed in Nuristan. The Taliban killed a British soldier in Helmand province.

Afghan insurgency tests German troops

High costs weigh on troop debate for Afghan war

Afghanistan: British troops in Helmand kill 80 Taliban in 10 days of fighting

British advocate negotiations with the Taliban Quetta Shura

UK 'backs Taliban reintegration'

Ghazni snow patrol

Afghan and Coalition forces killed 13 Taliban fighters and detained 11 more in Wardak, Balkh, and Herat provinces. The Taliban killed two US soldiers and a civilian contractor in IED attacks in southern and eastern Afghanistan.

The Taliban took credit for a suicide attack on a military convoy on Jalalabad Road near Camp Phoenix in Kabul; nine ISAF troops, 10 contractors, and several civilians were wounded. Afghan and Coalition forces killed two Taliban fighters and detained a commander and several more fighters in Wardak, Khost, Kandahar, and Zabul. Germany will send an additional 120 soldiers; the UK prime minister believes NATO will send an additional 5,000 soldiers.

Dost Mohammad grants interview in Nuristan

A Chinook lands in Ghazni province

Afghanistan - Interview: Abdullah Abdullah

Dutch troops' method in Afghanistan gains new prominence

Afghan police burdened by military expectations

Eastern Afghanistan provinces host regional peace jirga call for peace

US Sec Def Gates lashes out at leakers

Afghanistan: A flaw in the rules of engagement