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CIA suicide bomber promised Zawahiri

Jordan says 'no proof' Balawi was CIA suicide bomber

CIA bomber coerced to work for Jordan spy agency

US spies walked into al-Qaeda's trap

Taliban must join security forces, says Brit general

Fourteen Taliban fighters were killed in a premature detonation as they planted explosives on a minibus in Kunduz province. Afghan and Coalition forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan and two more in Laghman province. The Taliban killed a policeman in Ghazni province.

NATO official: US spy work lacking in Afghanistan

Intelligence overhaul ordered for Afghanistan

Analysis: US air campaign in Pakistan heats up

strikes_2004-2009%20%281-4-10%29-thumb3.jpg The US conducted 47 percent more strikes in 2009 than in 2008, and there is no sign the intensity of the campaign will abate in 2010.

Behind Afghan bombing, an agent with many loyalties

ISAF on the state of the Afghan insurgency

Jordan emerges as key CIA counterterrorism ally

Afghan and Coalition forces killed 12 Taliban fighters in Helmand and Kandahar, and detained a Taliban commander in Paktika. The Taliban killed four US soldiers and one British soldier in southern Afghanistan, and two Afghan border guards in Zabul.

Pakistan negotiated the Malakand Accord with suicide bombers

Canada's Kandahar legacy rests on a shift in strategy

US airstrike kills 2 Taliban fighters in Mir Ali in Pakistan

The strike is the third in the Mir Ali region in North Waziristan since New Year's Eve. Taliban commander Sadir Noor was the target of the strike.

US military relies on Afghan police while working to clean them up

Afghan forces killed 25 Taliban fighters, including their commander, in Kunduz province. Afghan and Coalition forces killed a Taliban commander in Wardak province. The Taliban denied it kidnapped two French journalists and three Afghans. A US UAV crashed in Paktika province.

Afghanistan's parliament rejects President Karzai's cabinet appointments

Was the Afghan or Pakistani Taliban behind the CIA suicide attack?