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ACLU files FOIA request on Predator program

Study finds 3,000 Pakistanis were killed in™09 militant attacks

US uses Predator drone to hit suspected insurgents in Afghanistan; 13 killed

Pak Army should keep up pressure on Taliban: Burgess

UN: Taliban cause Afghan civilian deaths to soar

The Taliban killed two US soldiers and a British officer, and wounded 9 civilians and eight policemen in Kandahar and Ghazni. ISAF is investigating claims of civilian deaths during a protest in Helmand. Coalition and Afghan forces detained two Taliban facilitators in Logar and Zabul.

Narcotics hunt

Taliban claim ISAF is sandbagging soldiers' deaths

Survey reveals growing optimism in Afghanistan

The US killed 16 Taliban fighters in two Predator strikes in Helmand province, and killed and captured an undisclosed number of Taliban fighters in Herat and Kandahar. Police killed a suicide bomber in Uruzgan and detained 11 Taliban fighters in Herat. A US general said the Taliban have been defeated in Helmand.

Jordanian al Qaeda operative killed in US airstrike in Pakistan

Mansur-al-Shami-thumb.JPGMansur al Shami was an al Qaeda ideologue and a bodyguard for al Qaeda's leader in Afghanistan. His death was reported on jihadist forums.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal says fight is in Afghanistan, not Yemen

The Taliban killed six Coalition troops, including three US soldiers and one French soldier, in attacks throughout the country and four civilians in Faryab province. Afghan and Coalition forces detained an undisclosed number of Taliban and Haqqani network fighters in Nangarhar and Khost. Twenty-three Taliban fighters in Baghlan agreed to stop fighting the government. Afghans are more optimistic about the situation in their country.

Marines confident on Marja

Al-Qaeda veterans 'are flooding into Yemen'

Petraeus: 'Pak-Afghan border most important war locale™

The Taliban killed a British journalist, a US Marine, and an Afghan soldier in an IED attack in Helmand and three aid workers in an IED attack in Uruzgan. Afghan and US forces killed a Taliban commander and detained an undisclosed number of Taliban and Haqqani Network facilitators and fighters in Kandahar and Khost. The US will transfer control of Bagram prison to Afghan authorities.

How this suicide bomber opened a new front in Al Qaeda™s war

Afghans losing hope after 8 years of war

The Taliban killed a policeman and four civilians in attacks in Kandahar, Kabul, and Kunduz. Two Coalition soldiers were killed on Friday and another was killed today. Afghan and Coalition forces detained a Taliban facilitator in Nangarhar.