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US faces hard reality with Pakistan - Pakistan

Why Pakistan may be more willing to help US target Taliban than it appears

NATO welcomes Karzai's new cabinet

Civilians train in 'Afghan City™ in the Midwest

Reforming the Afghan National Army

Four Taliban fighters and a policeman were killed in fighting in Helmand. The Taliban killed a British and a Polish soldier. An Afghan battalion planned and launched its first independent operation in Kandahar.

US repatriates 12 Guantanamo men, including 6 Yemenis

Question time for Afghan district governor

Insurgents forced out of Pakistan's tribal havens form smaller cells in heart of nation

Afghan and Coalition forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in Helmand and several Haqqani Network fighters in Paktika, and detained several Taliban fighters in Kandahar. The Taliban killed a policeman in Logar and a British soldier in Helmand.

Karzai drafts cabinet lineup to satisfy US, Afghan backers

Taliban commander Hilal Salafi vows to defeat the US

USAF Tanker refuels a thirsty Navy Hornet

French, US, and Afghan forces launched an offensive in the the Uzbeen Valley. ISAF is assessing claims that an airstrike killed three civilians in Kandahar. Afghan and Coalition forces detained several Taliban and Haqqani Network leaders and fighters during raids in Wardak, Khost, and Kandahar. Spain will send 511 additional troops to Afghanistan.

Iran helping the Taliban, US ambassador claims

Not just drones: Militants can snoop on most US warplanes

One US battalion™s trials in Afghanistan

US military aircraft video feeds compromised

Afghanistan: Value of opium exports slumps says UN

McChrystal praises Canada™s Afghanistan contributions