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Afghanistan-ISAF reach agreement to waive customs fines, penalties

Despite West's Efforts, Afghan Youths Cling to Traditional Ways

3 al Qaeda military 'training experts' killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

The three al Qaeda trainers reported killed in the July 28 strike in North Waziristan hailed from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Yemen.

Tunisia's Chaambi: Afghanistan-isation?

Afghanistan, U.S. near agreement on post-2014 force

Taliban step up operations in the north, ISAF buries head in sand

Aid Groups Warn of Afghan Security Vacuum

US Funds Afghan College Where Islamist Activists Dominate Campus

US auditor finds taxpayer money flowing to Taliban, Al Qaeda - but Army refuses to act

In Afghanistan, troop drawdown hems in US diplomats who oversee development

Taliban release video honoring 'Ghazi' who attacked ISAF soldiers, escaped custody

The Taliban video praises rogue Afghan National Army soldier Lambar Khan, who participated in a deadly July 9 "green-on-blue" attack at Kandahar Airfield, as well as a second rogue ANA soldier, Lieutenant Ihasanullah, who helped free Khan from custody a few days later. Both men are seen pledging allegiance to the Taliban.

The Taliban killed an Afghan Local Police commander, two officers, and six civilians in a bombing in Zabul. More than 80 British military advisers assisted the Afghan military in an operation to keep the Taliban from retaking control of the Sangin district in Helmand.

Afghan women's rights at risk in peace process: UN watchdog

US drones kill Taliban, 'Arab' fighters in strike in North Waziristan

Four "Arab fighters" are reported to have been killed by the US in Pakistan's Shawal Valley. The drone strike is the first reported in Pakistan in two weeks.

The Afghan military claimed that more than 100 Taliban fighters and nine Afghan soldiers were killed during an operation to clear the Taliban from areas of Logar and Paktia. The Taliban killed three civilians in an IED attack in Farah and an ISAF soldier in a firefight in central Afghanistan.

Afghanistan bomb hunters learning to shed risky habits

US needs to clear its vision on Afghanistan

Afghanistan downplay US deadline to finalize security agreement

An Afghan Media Mogul, Pushing Boundaries

Afghan forces kill Taliban shadow district governor in Faryab province