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Afghan parliament sacks minister over worsening security

The Pipe Dream of Easy War

Security forces killed 16 Taliban fighters in Panjwai. The Taliban killed six people in Khost. Six policemen, two Taliban fighters, and a civilian were killed in fighting in Paktika.

Religious hardliners declare 'jihad' on Afghanistan's TV talent shows

Taliban can also receive voting cards: IEC

Clerics Impose Un-Constitutional Restrictions on Women in Baghlan

Despite Education Advances, a Host of Afghan School Woes

Taliban tried to make eight-year-old a suicide bomber: Afghan rebels recruit starving orphans with sweets and 60p bribes

The Taliban killed 15 people, including seven policemen and a intelligence official, in a series of attacks in Helmand province, and eight more civilians in bombings in Kandahar and Paktia. Security forces killed 19 Taliban fighters during two separate raids in Herat.

Taliban-style edict for women spreads alarm in Afghan district

Thirty-six Taliban fighters and two policemen were killed during a clash in Ghazni. The Taliban killed eight Afghan workers as they headed to a US base in Logar, and killed three policemen in Kunduz.

Insurgents Intensify Terror Activity in Eastern Nangarhar

The Taliban killed seven Afghan soldiers and the brother of President Karzai's national security advisor in separate attacks. Afghan officials claimed that 15 Taliban fighters were killed in an ISAF airstrike in Logar. A district chief in Nangarhar was dismissed after complaining about the rise of Taliban activity in the province.

Nascent Afghan Air Force struggles to add air assault capability

Afghan officials claimed that 20 Taliban fighters were killed during operations in Ghazni and Paktia. An Afghan soldier who killed a Slovakian soldier last week escaped from prison with the aid of his supervisor. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the east.

No Taliban Reprieve During Ramadan In Afghanistan

As US Role in Military Support Draws Down, India's Role Picks Up

Ex-Afghan spy chief criticize US for 'zero option' on troops

US Senators Admonish Obama Over Haqqani-ISI Relationship

The Road to Ghazni: Bombs, battles and blockades