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US begins inquiry on spy network in Pakistan

Pakistan - Game plan?

The Taliban killed 15 civilians in suicide and IED attacks in Khost and Kandahar, and assassinated a tribal leader in Kandahar. Eleven Taliban fighters and a policeman were killed in clashes in Baghlan and Khost. Coalition and Afghan forces detained "several" Taliban fighters in Helmand and Ghazni.

Battle for Kandahar may be tougher than expected

President Karzai's brother said the UN should not withdraw from Kandahar. The Taliban killed three civilians in Kunduz and an ISAF soldier in eastern Afghanistan. Coalition and Afghan forces detained eight suspected Taliban fighters in Helmand, Khost, and Zabul.

Afghan crunch time: Obama must decide whether to talk to the Taliban

US training Afghan villagers to fight the Taliban

Predator strikes now leaner, meaner in Pakistan

Elite US units step up effort in Afghan city before attack

ISAF killed the shadow governor of Kunduz and two aides in an airstrike in a remote region of the province. The UN has suspended relief operations in Kandahar after a series of three bombings killed two Afghan civilians. The Taliban denied poisoning schoolgirls in Kunduz.

Taliban shadow governor killed in Kunduz: Report

Afghan officials said Mullah Yar Mohammad and two of his aides were killed in a Coalition airstrike in Kunduz province.

UN pulls some foreign staff from Kandahar

Bad news from Afghanistan

Nato snubs Gordon Brown over Helmand withdrawal plans

On tipping points and Taliban talks

A suicide bomber killed four civilians in Zabul. Coalition and Afghan forces killed "several" Taliban fighters and detained a sub-commander and a fighter in Logar; protesters in Logar torched NATO supply vehicles, claiming those killed were civilians. Suspected poison gas attacks have sickened 80 Afghan schoolgirls in Kunduz.

'Mass illness' hits Afghan schoolgirls in Kunduz

Afghanistan 'foils Kabul bomb plot'

Afghanistan - US wants British troops to leave Helmand

Afghanistan - CNN reporter witnesses solemn 'ramp ceremony'