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Arrest led to strike on two top Iraq Qaeda leaders

Night patrol, tall grass

In cat vs. drone, cat wins

Afghan and Coalition forces killed and captured an unspecified number of Taliban fighters in Helmand and Kandahar. The Afghan Consultative Peace Jirga was postponed due to a scheduling conflict with President Kazai's trip to the US.

Afghanistan - Taleban defectors 'are rejoining insurgency'

Merkel seeks public support for Afghan war

Taliban deny kidnapping ex-ISI officers

The top spokesman for the Afghan Taliban and an unnamed commander denied any involvement in kidnapping Colonel Imam and Khalid Khawaja.

Caught in the crossfire of Pakistan's secret war

On the run, Pakistan militants find new haven

ISAF apologized for killing four students in Khost; two of those killed were previously described as "known insurgents." Afghan and Coalition forces killed six Haqqani Network fighters in Paktika. Two policemen were killed in a mine explosion in Kabul.

Why the Korengal Valley matters

Farewell to Korengal

Afghanistan - Govt under fire over Italian medics' release

Taliban No. 2 interrogations yield useful Intel: US

In Afghanistan, poppy eradication pits Russia vs. NATO

Pakistan military fails to woo tribal allies under grip of Taleban

ISAF said it killed four Taliban fighters in Khost; Afghan officials claimed four young students were killed. The Taliban assassinated the deputy mayor of Kandahar and kidnapped eight Afghans in Kunduz.

US withdrawal from Korengal Valley a 'Taliban propaganda coup'

The US military's withdrawal from the Valley of Death sends the wrong signals to the Afghan people as preparations for further operations begin in the south, US military officers said. Al Qaeda has also been given a new sanctuary.

Karzai to visit Washington in May: US

Afghanistan - A firsthand look at firefights in Marja