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Afghanistan readies program to reintegrate Taliban

Pakistan under pressure after NY car bomb

Militant factions with global aims are spreading roots throughout Pakistan

US military runs into Afghan tribal politics after deal with Pashtuns

The Taliban killed 10 Afghan civilians and security forces, and a British soldier, in attacks in Helmand. Afghan and Coalition forces captured an undisclosed number of Taliban fighters in Kunduz. The governor of Balkh warned that his province and Jazjan and Samangaan are in danger of becoming unstable.

Taliban: Next Afghan push coming Monday

Imam™s path from condemning terror to preaching jjhad

Afghan violence victims want voice in peace talks

Coalition and Afghan forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in Herat and seven more in Khost. The Taliban killed three Afghan soldiers in Helmand and a Coalition soldier in the south. A Coalition UAV crashed in Kunduz.

Pakistan - Agencies warn of potential attack on US embassy

Afghanistan surge: Is the 'clear, hold, build' strategy working?

Afghan and Coalition forces killed eight Taliban fighters and detained one more during operations in Kunduz and Zabul. The Taliban said it would launch a major counteroffensive against Afghan and Coalition forces. "The Al-Faath Jihadic operations will start in 10th May 2010," the statement read.

New focus on striking US, the West

Taliban threaten new attacks in Afghanistan

Karzai: Afghanistan appreciates its partnership with the US

Is President Obama's Afghanistan strategy working?

Pakistani Ambassador: US Needs to Be "Robin Hood" in Tribal Areas

Attacks signal end of poppy harvest in Afghanistan

Pulling security in Kunar

Afghan security forces detained 16 terrorists, including six Pakistanis as well as Haqqani Network and HIG fighters, over the past several weeks. The terrorists were plotting suicide attacks in Kabul. Afghan and Coalition forces killed two Taliban fighters and detained a commander in Farah; and detained a Haqqani Network commander and two fighters, and two Taliban fighters in raids in Khost and Kandahar.