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Iran expels dozens of Afghans daily

US keen to continue strategic dialogue with Pakistan

Afghanistan - Taliban say buildup under way

Coalition and Afghan forces killed 20 Taliban fighters in Baghlan province. The Taliban killed two Dutch Marines, an ISAF soldier, and a civilian in attacks in the south and Faryab. The Afghan government released three Italian aid workers implicated in a plot to kill the governor of Helmand.

Taliban™s supreme leader signals willingness to talk peace

Afghan president appoints electoral officials

The Taliban killed two policemen in an IED attack in Khost. The UN confirmed that five Afghan workers were abducted in Baghlan. Security forces detained two Taliban commanders and an undisclosed number of fighter sin Helmand, Kandahar, and Ghazni. General McChrystal said there are signs the Taliban receive training in Iran.

Army researchers: Why the Kandahar offensive could backfire

Taliban targets US contractors working on projects in Afghanistan

US troops battle the Taliban in Kunar

Commentary: Counternarcotics in Afghanistan as a spectator sport

Five UN workers have gone missing in Baghlan province. Seven Taliban fighters and a policeman were killed in clashes in Farah. Coalition and Afghan forces killed three Taliban fighters and detained an undisclosed number of fighters in Kandahar and Helmand. The US is increasing the number of counterterrorism teams in Afghanistan.

Effectiveness of US strikes in Pakistan 'decreased 90 percent' since suicide strike on CIA - Siraj Haqqani

A look at the data shows a decrease in the number of top-tier terrorist leaders killed in US strikes in Pakistan since the beginning of 2010, after the suicide attack that targeted a CIA base in Afghanistan.

US designates 2 Pakistanis for running al Qaeda and Taliban charitable front groups

The leaders of the Al Akhtar Trust and the Al Rashid Trust continue to support the Taliban using their charitable fronts based in Karachi.

US - New cyber security chief warns of internet attacks

Afghanistan - US doubles anti-Taliban special forces

Pakistan army anger at Nato border tactics after forcing militants out

Afghan MPs criticize Ahmadinejad™s letter to UN

A suicide bomber killed seven British security contractors in Kandahar. The Taliban killed four Germans during an ambush in Baghlan province. Coaition and Afghan forces killed a Taliban commander in Helmand and detained an IED expert in Nangarhar. Residents in Marja complained that the security situation has worsened since Afghan and Coalition forces took control of the Helmand town.

Taliban cooperation with al Qaeda 'is at the highest limits' - Siraj Haqqani

The leader of the Haqqani Network in eastern Afghanistan said the Taliban welcomes foreign fighters and that 90 percent of areas under his command are under Taliban control.