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Italians 'confess' to murder plot in Afghanistan

General praises Afghan commandos™ capabilities

ISAF troops accidentally killed four Afghan civilians in an escalation of force incident in Kandahar. A suicide assault team was defeated while attacking an intelligence headquarters in Kandahar; two bombers were killed and another was captured. Security forces detained a Haqqani Network IED facilitator and a Taliban IED facilitator and an undisclosed number of fighters during raids in Paktia and Kandahar.

Father of Taliban endorses LWJ

Afghanistan - A leader under siege speaks his mind

Afghanistan - The man who might have been 'king'

Afghan president urges Taliban to air grievances

Poison swirls around Hamid Karzai and Barack Obama

Karzai threatens to quash Kandahar offensive

President Karzai reiterated his call for the Taliban to lay down their weapons and enter negotiations. The Taliban killed four members of a mine clearance team and an ISAF soldier in IED attacks in Kandahar and the south. Coalition and Afghan forces killed seven Taliban fighters in Badghis and detained three more in Helmand and Khost.

Kandahar reconstruction base now a Canada-US venture

Hidden explosives found at Italian NGO-run hospital in Afghanistan

Reconciliation with Afghan government not be seen as weakness: Hezb-i-Islami Gulbuddin

Mullah Baradar's arrest threatens peace talks

Pakistan released two Afghan Taliban leaders?

Afghan forces detained nine suspected terrorists, including three Italians, at a hospital in Helmand province. US and Afghan forces detained a Taliban IED facilitator and an undisclosed number of fighters in Helmand and Kandahar. President Obama said the US "will remain as the strategic partner of Afghanistan."

Pakistan maintains complex relations in battle against Taliban

Taliban capitalize on Afghan logging ban

Afghan officials say Pakistan's arrest of Taliban leader threatens peace talks

Karzai takes steps to bury feud with Washington