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Lawmakers: Afghan leader threatens to join Taliban

Afghanistan - Department employs cameras in counterinsurgency fight

Afghan and Coalition forces killed 10 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar and captured two Taliban fighters and a Haqqani Network IED facilitator in Helmand and Khost. Two Taliban fighters died in a premature detonation in Wardak. The Taliban killed six people in attacks in Khost and Ghazni.

Drones batter al Qaeda and its allies within Pakistan

Taliban claim attack on US consulate in Pak's Peshawar

Afghanistan Mullahs in London to bridge cultural divide

Afghan leader Karzai under fire from Kandahar elders

'Insurgents enter Afghanistan from Pak™s borders™: governor of Kunar province

President Karzai again attacked the West for its involvement in Afghanistan and threatened to join the Taliban. The Taliban killed three policemen, two civilians, and a British soldier in attacks in Helmand. Afghan and Coalition forces captured a Haqqani Network facilitator and an undisclosed number of Taliban fighters in Paktia, Kandahar, and Helmand.

Karzai rallies tribes, distances self from West

British army dog finds Taleban explosives cache in Operation Moshtarak

German troops accidentally killed six Afghan soldiers in a friendly-fire incident in Kunduz. The Taliban killed a senior police official and a civilian in attacks in Kunduz. The upper chamber of parliament approved President Karzai's decree that he would appoint the members of the election commission.

Pakistan - Orakzai operation will take a load off Peshawar, settled areas

No reaching out to Taliban, says India

Afghan upper house backs Karzai election decree

Pentagon boosting Afghanistan "eyes in the sky"

Pakistan launches offensive on hiding place of Osama bin Laden

Extremists to be ousted from Pakistan™s tribal belt within two months, general says

Hamid Karzai is making some pretty unpleasant friends

Afghanistan: The battle for Marjah