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Taliban launch suicide assault on US Consulate in Herat

The Taliban assault team breached the security perimeter and fought with Afghan security forces and US special operations forces before being killed.

Afghan Army Struggles in District Under Siege

Eighteen Taliban fighters and four civilians were killed in clashes in Helmand; two soldiers and seven more Taliban fighters were killed in Herat and Ghazni. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction said the US has no "comprehensive anti-corruption strategy."

Afghan Forces Launch Joint Operation in Kunar

The Taliban killed seven people in an IED attack in Ghazni and four more in a similar bombing in Helmand. Four Afghan soldiers were wounded in a suicide bombing outside a base in Logar. Security forces killed a Taliban "sub-commander" in Badakhshan and three fighters in Kabul.

Pakistan to free Taliban leader Mullah Baradar

Mullah Omar's former deputy, who was detained in Karachi in 2010, will be freed in Pakistan, not Afghanistan.

The military said that 24 Taliban fighters were killed during a recent operation in Badakhshan. The Taliban claimed it killed several Afghan security personnel in a suicide assault in Kandahar. A former senator was gunned down in Balkh.

Pakistan to Send Baradar to Saudi or Turkey for Peace Talks

ISAF, Afghan officials dispute outcome of Kunar airstrike

Taliban suicide assault hits NDS HQ in Wardak

Taliban confirm death of Badruddin Haqqani in drone strike last year

Badruddin.jpgThe Taliban, including Mullah Omar, eulogized Badruddin in a video released on their official website. Badruddin was thought to have been killed in a US drone strike in August 2012.

Taliban bombers hit Afghanistan Wardak intelligence HQ

Taliban's Spread Into Northeast Sparks Fears

The Afghan Local Police killed six Taliban fighters in Ghazni. Security forces killed four more Taliban fighters in Badakhshan. The Taliban killed a female author from India in an attack in Paktika, two civilians in an IED attack in Laghman, and an ISAF soldier in the east.

Pakistan militants prepare for war in Afghanistan after foreign forces withdraw

Karzai Urges Afghan Parents To Send Daughters To School

Mullah Sangeen Zadran, al Qaeda commander reported killed in drone strike

Mullah-Sangeen_Zadran-FMIG-video-Oct2012.jpgThe senior Haqqani Network commander and a Lashkar al Zil explosives expert are said to be among those killed in yesterday's strike in North Waziristan.

US drones kill 4 Haqqani Network fighters in North Waziristan strike

Today's strike is the second in Pakistan in six days. The Haqqani Network continues to operate freely in North Waziristan even though the group is closely allied with al Qaeda.

Afghanistan security forces' readiness for NATO withdrawal still a hard sell

Afghanistan - War is not over but conditions set for winning: US General