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The Taliban killed four US soldiers in a suicide bombing in Kandahar and a security official in an IED attack in Nuristan. Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in operations throughout the country. German troops transferred control of a main base in Kunduz to Afghan forces.

4 US soldiers killed in Taliban suicide attack

The police claimed to have killed 18 Taliban fighters during operations in Kandahar, Helmand, and Farah provinces. The Taliban killed two policemen and two civilians in an attack in Laghman. Afghan officials claimed that ISAF aircraft killed five civilians, including three children, in Nangarhar. An Afghan security guard killed an ISAF soldier in the east. Former Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak will run for president.

The newly appointed chief of police for Wardak province quit just two days after taking the job, citing continuous fighting with the Taliban. The Taliban killed two policemen and a road worker in Faryab province; a woman was also beheaded in the province.

Norway cuts Afghan aid in protest at graft

The Taliban killed three policemen in an IED attack in Helmand. Abdul Rassoul Sayyaf, one of several Afghans who assisted Osama bin Laden with entering Afghanistan and who served as a mentor to Mohammed Atef, is running for president.

Man Who Brought Al Qaeda to Afghanistan Now Runs for President

Photo of Mullah Sangeen in coffin published on jihadist forum

Commanders were warned of Camp Bastion weaknesses before Taliban attack

Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters during an operation in Helmand. The Taliban killed an "intelligence attorney" in an IED attack in Kunar.

Haqqani Network said to name successor to Mullah Sangeen

Bilal Zadran is said to have replaced Mullah Sangeen Zadran, who is thought to have been killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan in early September.

Two Marine Corps Generals Are Forced to Retire Over Fatal Security Breach

The government claimed it retook a district in Badakhshan from the Taliban; the Taliban claimed they are still in control of the district. Police claimed to have killed 25 Taliban fighters in Helmand and 10 more in Helmand. The Taliban killed two policemen and three civilians in Herant, and a policeman in Balkh.

The Taliban seized control of the Karan wa Munjan district center in Badakhshan; Afghan security forces claimed to have regained control of the district. A suicide bomber killed four people in an attack outside a security headquarters in Marja in Helmand. Security forces captured a Taliban commander in Herat and 73 fighters in Wardak.

At American University of Kabul, a foreboding about the future as US pullout deadline nears

Afghan Senators Claim Local Officials Submit Fudged Security Reports

Afghan MoFA Unable to Contact Baradar Due to "Time Crunch"

US drones target Haqqani Network in North Waziristan strike

Three Haqqani network fighters were killed in the attack, which took place in the same town where Mullah Sangeen Zadran is rumored to have been killed in another drone strike earlier this month.

Ahmed Abdi Godane: the new 'Mad Mullah' bent on jihad

How Afghanistan will be paying for Western errors for years to come