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War of persuasion: The modern US officer emerges in Afghanistan

Kandahar: Portraits of a city under siege

Afghan and Coalition forces killed 10 Taliban fighters and detained a commander in Helmand. The Taliban killedfive civilians in Khost and kidnapped five civilians in Kunar. A district-level Taliban leader surrendered in Farah.

US likely to replace Dutch Afghanistan mission

Top general: It's a draw in Afghanistan

More than 500 protesters claimed ISAF forces killed 11 civilians during a raid in Nangarhar province. ISAF claimed its forces killed a Taliban sub-commander and several fighters in Nangarhar. ISAF also killed two Taliban commanders and an undisclosed number of fighters, and captured two Haqqani Network leaders in Khost, Zabul, and Ghazni. The Taliban killed two ISAF soliders.

Peace moves may come to nothing in Afghanistan

Afghan National Army graduates first elite special forces unit

US 'will not destroy Kandahar to save it from Taliban'

It's Pak-Pak not Af-Pak stupid!

Top soldier in southern Afghanistan warns against Taliban 'impunity'

Five fronts in the war in Afghanistan

Clinton to Afghan women: 'We will not abandon you'

Afghan and US security forces killed 41 Taliban fighters in Kunduz and 14 more in Ghazni, and detained 40 Taliban fighters in Helmand. Police killed a suicide bomber in Laghman.

41 Taliban killed in heavy fighting in Afghan north

Joint Afghan and US special operations teams captured a Taliban commander during raids in Kunduz province.

Afghanistan opium poppies hit by mysterious disease

Distrust of Afghan leaders threatens US war strategy

Afghanistan: Mullah Omar 'favours peace deal'

UN to investigate 'poison gas attacks™ on Afghan schoolgirls

'Hard fighting' ahead in Afghanistan, Obama warns