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Afghanistan - University offers opportunities for Afghan forces

US - Afghanistan timeline not a withdrawal date, officials say

US showed Pakistan evidence on militant faction

Afghanistan's woeful water management delights neighbors

US bolsters Afghan police to secure Kandahar

Militant group expands attacks in Afghanistan

The Taliban denied receiving support from Pakistan. In Kunduz province, 12 Taliban fighters and two US soldiers were killed during clashes. In Ghazni, the Taliban killed three security contractors in an IED attack. In the Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar, Coalition and Afghan forces conducted a major operation, dealing "a major blow to more than 100 insurgents and their commanders."

Top officer sees military caution in Afghanistan as backfiring

Afghan Taliban deny being supported by Pakistan

The Quetta Shura issued a statement denying a report from the London School of Economics that outlined Pakistani military and intelligence support for the Afghan Taliban.

Bloody fight over Taliban lifelines

Afghanistan-Pakistan: Allies wait each other out as militant attacks intensify

Afghan Taliban denies link to Pakistan™s ISI: report

UK drug addict tells of Taliban recruitment

General Petraeus's pregnant pause on Afghanistan timeline

The Taliban assassinated the district governor of Arghandab in Kandahar; and killed 10 civilians in Nangarhar, five policemen and five security contractors in Ghazni, two British soldiers in Helmand, and an ISAF soldier in eastern Afghanistan. Coalition and Afghan forces killed "several" Taliban fighters in Kapisa and detained three more in Logar and Kabul.

Taliban assassinate key district governor in Kandahar

Haji-Abdul-Jabbar-thumb.JPGHaji Abdul Jabbar, his son, and driver were killed in a bombing in the strategic Arghandab district, just north of Kandahar City.

No, the US didn™t just 'discover™ a $1T Afghan motherlode

One million Afghan children busy laboring

Setbacks cloud US plans to get out of Afghanistan

Taliban could become part of Afghan set-up: Obama aide