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Afghan president meets with Siraj Haqqani: Report

President Karzai is said to have met with Siraj. The meeting was also attended by Pakistani Army chief General Kayani and ISI boss Lieutenant General Pasha, according to reports.

The last post: McChrystal's bleak outlook

New Afghan minister to hurt talks with Taliban

MarSOC helps train elite Afghan police

G8 gives Karzai Afghanistan deadline

Afghan overture to Taliban aggravates ethnic tensions

Petraeus to face soldier complaints over war rules

International community responsible for Afghan drugs: Karzai

Security forces killed 18 Taliban fighters in Zabul; eight, including a commander, in Kunduz; and a commander in Logar. The Taliban killed three ISAF soldiers in the south and three civilians in a suicide attack in Uruzgan.

UK - No timeline for British troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, insists Armed Forces Minister

Mullen visits Afghan leaders and Allied troops

Inside a crumbling Afghan coal mine

Islamist websites: McChrystal fired because Afghan war is lost

UN needs evidence to delist Taliban leaders

The Taliban executed 11 Afghans and beheaded several of them for 'spying' in Uruzgan, and killed three US soldiers in southern and eastern Afghanistan. Coalition and Afghan forces killed an undisclosed number of Taliban fighters and captured several more, including a Taliban sub-commander and a Haqqani Network facilitator, in Khost, Badghis, Kandahar, and Helmand.

Kyrgyzstan failure could boost Afghan drug trade, Islamist radicals

Boss™s firing may result in departures from Kabul

British troops prepare for summer battle in Sangin

In Europe, US allies target defense budgets

Afghanistan - The 7/11 problem