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Leadership training central to police mission in Afghanistan

Taliban prisoners 'would be released to kickstart Aghan peace process'

Afghan and Coalition forces killed a top Taliban commander and several of his bodyguards in Kandahar, and three fighters in Helmand, and detained a Taliban sub-commander and a fighter in Logar. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the South.

Senior Taliban commander killed in Kandahar

Mullah Zergay, who served as the top military commander in the Kandahar region, was killed last week during a raid in the district of Zhari.

Afghan gathering agrees peace moves with Taliban

Army plans $100 million Special Ops HQ in Afghanistan

Afghanistan peace jirga's unlikely critics: victims of war crimes

Afghan police failings fuelling Taliban recruitment, say UK army chiefs

Commander: Afghanistan/Eastern Command at 'Critical Moment™

Afghan security forces killed five Taliban fighters and detained nine more, including a commander, in Wardak, and killed five more fighters in Zabul. The Taliban killed eight civilians in Helmand and an ISAF soldier in the south.

Israeli strike echoes in Pakistan

Equal numbers of Afghan troops to fight Taliban

An attempted Taliban attack on the national peace jirga was defeated by Afghan security forces; two suicide bombers were killed and one was captured. Coalition and Afghan forces captured the Taliban's shadow governor of Baghlan; one Taliban fighter was killed during the raid. The Taliban killed a British Royal Marine in Helmand.

Newly minted Taliban shadow governor in Afghan north captured

The unnamed commander spent only two days in the top leadership position in Baghlan; his predecessor was killed just two days before he took command.

First all-Afghan trial opens in US jail at Bagram

Taliban attempt to justify violence against Afghan peace jirga

Suicide bombers try to disrupt start of Afghan peace meeting

Taleban suicide squad attacks peace talks in Kabul

Afghan police earn poor grade for mission in Marja

On the death of Mustafa Abu Yazid