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Gates: Progress in Afghan war must come this year

No peace with Taliban without women's rights: activist

Interview with Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: Can peace talks succeed?

An insurgent in attendance at the Afghan peace conference

Britain's move to Kandahar 'highly unlikely'

Afghanistan: Wali Karzai blamed for seizing government land

Allies yield to US Afghan influx

Afghan opium more deadly than Taliban bullets: UN

Afghanistan: Tribal politician 'talking with Taliban'

Afghan ex-spy boss calls peace strategy dangerous

US special envoy snubbed by Pakistan

Afghanistan strategy shifts to focus on civilian effort

UK - Officers™ mess: military chiefs blamed for blundering into Helmand with 'eyes shut and fingers crossed™

Afghan military, 'a force in fragments'

IED beam could change face of war

Afghanistan - CIA lifts secret cover of those killed in bombing

Afghan troops killed 23 Taliban fighters and detained seven more in Badghis, and killed 14 more in Kandahar. The Taliban killed two Australian soldiers in Uruzgan and a British soldier in Helmand. Sixteen girls suffered from poisoning at a school.

Afghan commandos strike at the Taliban in the northwest

During a raid on a terrorist stronghold in the Balamurghab district in Badghis province, 23 Taliban fighters were killed and seven more were captured.

Foreign fighters gain influence in Somalia's Islamist al-Shabab militia

Pakistan - Ex-major™s loyalties embody jihad woes