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The Afghan Local Police killed six Taliban fighters in Ghazni. Security forces killed four more Taliban fighters in Badakhshan. The Taliban killed a female author from India in an attack in Paktika, two civilians in an IED attack in Laghman, and an ISAF soldier in the east.

Pakistan militants prepare for war in Afghanistan after foreign forces withdraw

Karzai Urges Afghan Parents To Send Daughters To School

Mullah Sangeen Zadran, al Qaeda commander reported killed in drone strike

Mullah-Sangeen_Zadran-FMIG-video-Oct2012.jpgThe senior Haqqani Network commander and a Lashkar al Zil explosives expert are said to be among those killed in yesterday's strike in North Waziristan.

US drones kill 4 Haqqani Network fighters in North Waziristan strike

Today's strike is the second in Pakistan in six days. The Haqqani Network continues to operate freely in North Waziristan even though the group is closely allied with al Qaeda.

Afghanistan security forces' readiness for NATO withdrawal still a hard sell

Afghanistan - War is not over but conditions set for winning: US General

Afghanistan - New Coalition Endorsed by Taliban Formed for Elections

ISAF's second in command said that Coalition forces have no plans to completely withdraw from Afghanistan. The commander of the Afghan National Army's 205th Military Corps said that ISAF forces have withdrawn from 188 of the 235 bases in Kandahar and Zabul.

Pakistanis resume overland NATO oil supplies to Afghanistan

The Taliban killed four bodyguards for the governor of Badakhshan in an IED attack on his convoy, and gunned down a senior judge in Herat. Officials said that more than 100 fuel tankers and NATO supply trucks were destroyed in yesterday's suicide assault in Torkham.

Afghan security death toll 'unsustainable': NATO commander

A Taliban suicide assault team attacked a base in Torkham, and destroyed dozens of fuel tankers and NATO supply trucks; three Taliban fighters were killed. Security forces killed nine Taliban fighters in Wardak and Ghazni.

Afghan police deaths double as foreign troops withdraw

Taliban suicide team hits base at border crossing with Pakistan

The fighting forced the closure of the Torkham-Jalalabad road in Nangarhar, a key route from Afghanistan that is used to ferry NATO supplies from Pakistan. Dozens of trucks carrying fuel and supplies for NATO forces were destroyed.

Rahmatullah Nabeel appointed as Afghan intelligence chief

India to Boost Commando Presence in Afghanistan

MoFA Approves Plan to Open Taliban Office Outside Afghanistan

The Taliban killed five people in a suicide attack in Kandahar, 12 people in an IED attack in Helmand, seven more in another roadside bombing in Parwan, and an ISAF soldier in the east. Security forces killed 16 Taliban fighters and detained 10 more in Wardak.

Prison escapee evolves into Qaeda-backed jailbreak artist