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A suicide bomber killed two civilians in an attack on a compound that houses foreigners in Kabul. Another suicide bomber killed only himself in an attack on a US convoy near Bagram. ISAF killed 11 Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Kandahar.

Pentagon shifting Afghan logistics hub to Romania from Kyrgyzstan

Warlords Seen As A Losing Ticket In Afghan Election

In Afghanistan, army struggles to wage war with damaged equipment, poor logistics

In Afghanistan, army struggles to wage war with damaged equipment, poor logistics

Afghanistan - Ulema Council Denounces Jamal Assassination as 'Un-Islamic'

Pakistan releases seven low-ranking Afghan Taliban prisoners

The National Directorate of Security said that the bomb that killed the governor of Logar was planted in a Koran. Police gunned down a suicide bomber in Uruzgan before he could detonate his vest.

How Afghanistan Has Changed the Bundeswehr German Military

Pakistan - Experts Say Baradar Released, But Under Supervision

Taliban address al Qaeda in Afghanistan

The governor of Logar province was assassinated as he spoke in a mosque. The Taliban killed a British soldier as he was on patrol in Helmand. Afghan officials claimed that ISAF airstrikes killed seven "militants."

Jihadists assassinate governor in key Afghan province

The attack is similar to other assassinations, such as those that killed Ahmed Shah Massoud and Burhanuddin Rabbani, that were carried out by al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Votes sell for about $5 in Afghanistan as presidential race begins.

The Taliban killed a border police commander, three policemen, and a cleric in Kandahar. A suicide bomber killed himself as he was being treated in a hospital in Paktia. A pro-Taliban cleric from Pakistan claimed the Afghan government would free Pakistanis in custody.

A suicide bomber killed two policemen and a civilian in Nangarhar. A member of the Afghan security forces killed an ISAF solider in Paktika. The Taliban killed two children in Kunar for spying for the government.

Govt to probe training to Syrian rebels: Karzai

ISAF soldier killed in latest insider attack in eastern Afghanistan

The attack took place in Paktika province, a stronghold of the Haqqani Network. There have been four such attacks against ISAF personnel in less than a month.

Dispute on immunity for US troops blocks Afghan-US security pact

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