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The Taliban killed 18 civilians, including 14 women, in an IED attack on a bus transporting people to a wedding in Ghazni, and killed another civilian in a bombing in Kabul. The interior ministry claimed 12 Taliban fighters were killed in operations.

Red Cross Releases Report on Afghanistan

Taliban Mines One of Biggest Threats in Afghanistan: NATO

Former Bagram detainee threatens security in central Afghan province

Security forces killed 13 Taliban fighters during operations in Helmand and two senior Taliban commanders in Wardak. Four Taliban fighters died while planting an IED in Paktika; a civilian was also killed in the blast.

Four military dogs killed in action in Afghanistan

Afghan bomb squads in short supply

The Taliban killed six soldiers in attacks in Jawzjan, Kunar, and Ghazni, and four members of the Afghan Local Police in Badghis. Security forces captured 21 would-be suicide child bombers. The military claimed that 48 Taliban fighters were killed over the past day.

The Effectiveness Of Drone Strikes In Counterinsurgency And Counterterrorism Campaigns

Wanted Taliban commander in Kunar reported killed in US drone strike

Qari Dawat has been targeted by the US for years. He has expressed his support for al Qaeda and kidnapped a Western journalist. His death has not been confirmed.

Afghanistan - Kajran in danger of falling into Taliban's hands

Afghanistan's 'Sandhurst in the Sand' opens its doors

NATO optimistic about US security agreement with Afghanistan

The Taliban killed eight Afghan soldiers in Parwan and Farah. Three members of the Afghan Local Police in Kandahar were killed by two colleagues, who escaped. Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in Kandahar.

Clash Between Taliban and Afghan Forces Consumes Ghorband

Terrorist hideouts outside Afghanistan must be eliminated: Sediqi

Afghan officials claimed that security forces killed 22 Taliban fighters and captured 16 more. ISAF killed nine "militants" in airstrikes in Kunar. The Taliban killed three policemen in Farah and an ISAF soldier in the south. An Afghan special forces commander in Kunar defected to the Taliban.

With US withdrawal from Afghanistan, American military gear sold as scrap

IMU claims suicide attack against US forces in Afghanistan

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan remains active against Coalition forces in northern Afghanistan.

A suicide bomber killed two civilians in an attack on a compound that houses foreigners in Kabul. Another suicide bomber killed only himself in an attack on a US convoy near Bagram. ISAF killed 11 Taliban fighters in an airstrike in Kandahar.