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Pakistan promises to help Afghans meet former Taliban chief

The Taliban executed three suicide attacks: in Kabul, a member of parliament and his bodyguard were seriously wounded; in Helmand, three intelligence officers were killed; and in Kandahar, a child was killed in an attack on a US convoy. ISAF is investigating an airstrike in Helmand that killed a Taliban commander and a child.

The Afghan military claimed 15 Taliban fighters were killed in infighting in Paktika, and said that four more were killed during operations in Ghazni. The Taliban killed five civilians in bombings in Nangarhar.

Safety of Aid Workers Is a Concern After Afghan Attacks

US General Warns of Risks If Karzai Delays Deal

'Lawrence of Helmand' marine awarded Afghan gallantry medal

Twenty Taliban fighters and 10 policemen were killed during fighting in Nuristan. The Taliban killed six teachers in Faryab and six soldiers in IED attacks in Zabul, Logar, and Helmand.

Just Ignore Karzai and Press On

No 'Magic Wand' To Satisfy Conditions Overnight: Rice

The US threatened to withdraw all forces after 2014 if President Karzai doesn't sign the Bilateral Security Agreement. The government may reintroduce public stoning for adulterers.

Taliban condemn Loya Jirga's endorsement of Afghan-US security deal

Taliban-Linked Provincial Candidates Worry Ghazni Officials

Adulterers may be stoned under new Afghan law, official says

Afghan elders want President Karzai to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement; Karzai insisted it wouldn't be signed until after elections in April 2014. Police killed five Taliban fighters. Two people were killed in a bombing in Nangarhar. A border policemen killed two of his colleagues in Kandahar.

America forgetting lessons of Iraq, Afghanistan, general says

Mujadadi Claims He Will Leave Afghanistan if BSA Not Signed

Seven Taliban fighters were killed in a premature detonation inside a mosque in Nangarhar. The Afghan government accused ISAF of killing two civilians in a night raid; ISAF said the two people killed were Taliban fighters. The Taliban killed an Afghan soldier in an IED attack in Khost.

Afghanistan's Loya Jirga delegates back US jurisdiction over troops

Muzhda Confirms Talks With Taliban

President Karzai rejected a US ultimatum to approve the Bilateral Security Agreement by the end of the year. Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters during operations in Kabul, Balkh, Wardak, Logar, Nimroz, Kandahar, and Helmand. "Gunmen" kidnapped and then executed two health workers in Helmand.