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49 Taliban fighters, 6 US troops killed during Kunar operation

A US platoon clearing the eastern part of the Pech River Valley engaged in a prolonged firefight with Taliban fighters on Sunday, killing scores and recovering significant weapons caches, while incurring several casualties.

Taliban-placed IEDs threaten lives and stability in Kandahar, Afghanistan

US appears ready to acknowledge a long haul in Afghanistan

Afghan auditor faces US inquiry

In Afghanistan, US turns 'malignant actor' into ally

Afghan handover could run past 2015 in areas: NATO

Security forces killed two Taliban fighters while they planted IEDs in Helmand, and detained several fighters and commanders in Kandahar, Helmand, and Kabul. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the south and a civilian in Kunduz. Hizb-i-Islami said it would enter into a truce with NATO and the government if forces are confined to large bases.

Afghanistan could face 'eye-watering violence' after troops leave

AfPak strategy at 'critical point'

NATO is razing booby-trapped Afghan homes

Commander: Night raids designed to protect Afghans

US must sustain military might, Gates says

US courts Afghans through television

Kabul is offered wider role in US missions

NATO to outline new strategies for new realities

The Taliban killed two guards and two civilians in attacks in Uruzgan and Kunduz, two ISAF troops in the south and east, and a tribal elder in a suicide attack in Uruzgan. Coalition and Afghan forces detained several Taliban commanders and fighters in Helmand, Khost, and Paktia.

Rare Medal of Honor to living recipient

Despite gains, night raids split US and Karzai

Canadian plan to extend Afghan mission comes under fire

US Predators hit a Taliban camp in North Waziristan

The strike is the second in the Ghulam Khan area in five days. Twenty "militants," including al Qaeda fighters, were reported killed.