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US firm finds malware targeting visitors to Afghan government websites

Taliban publicize training camp in northern Afghanistan

The Taliban are training fighters in Faryab province and have overrun Khamyab district in Jawzjan province.

The good news in 'Afghanistan's Marshall Plan'

Waiting to be smuggled into Austria

Taliban mount assault on Kunar border district, Afghan officials say

How foreign imams radicalized Syria's war

US Seeks to Use Letters Found in Bin Laden Raid in Terrorism Trial

Operation Enduring Freedom: A look back in photos

Kabul - the fifth fastest growing city in the world - is bursting at the seams

British soldiers told not to shout at, insult terror suspects, report claims

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan surge as Coalition ends combat mission

The Taliban launched suicide bombings, assassinations, IED attacks, and ambushes in the capital and four provinces over the weekend.

Day of insurgent violence kills 19 in Afghanistan

From Florida to al Qaeda: terror group's external operations chief spent last years at Iran-Pakistan-Afghan border

NATO airstrike leaves 17 suspected militants dead in Afghanistan's Parwan province

Taliban kill 6 Afghan soldiers, foreigner in pair of suicide attacks in Kabul

Ex-CIA Directors: Interrogations Saved Lives

US General Has Misgivings as Afghanistan Mission Ends

Beijing charts unknown territory with counterterrorism law

Afghan official says Western troops leaving prematurely

US transfers Taliban commander to Pakistani custody